Kundali Bhagya 19th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Raja plans to kill Preeta

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Rajveer looks for his aunt but can’t find her, Nidhi forces her hand over Preeta’s mouth so she can’t make any noise, Rajveer calls Preeta who tries to signal but Nidhi forces her hand so she can’t do what. move, Rajveer finally leaves as Preeta gets dizzy again from the smoke.

Rajveer is also coughing but can’t find his aunt, he thinks the firemen could have saved both Mr. Luthra and his aunt, so he decides to go out and check one more time.

Nidhi thinks Preeta should die today, she chokes Preeta when she hears footsteps approaching, Nidhi wonders what she can do when she hears the firemen talking about searching the house again, Nidhi wonders what she can do, so she decides to light the fire so that no one can enter inside, pours kerosene on the window which she sets on fire using a match, Nidhi thinks of putting the cloth over Preeta after starting the fire, tries to lift the cloth. but it is blocked in mass. The inspector asks the policeman to call the fire brigade again, as it is very important that he succeeds in controlling him. Nidhi lights the rag and runs to hide as the inspector leaves after getting a call. Preeta is still unconscious.

Shaurya angrily pulls Palki close to him warning her not to test her patience, Palki says she tested her patience and he asks how she knows, she says it’s common sense because she never hurt anyone but he is the only person who has a very big ego, Palki explains that she can’t even blame him for bringing, Palki is happy that they have the law, so she explains that he is wrong, Palki mentions that even if he gives her all the money, even then , she would never say he is true. Shaurya replies that he is just asking a simple question that told her that he is the one who kidnapped her, Palki replies that these questions that he constantly asks proved her suspicion and now she is sure that he is the culprit. Shaurya says that he forgives Palki for raising her hand on him this time, warning that if she ever does anything like that again then he will make sure that she pays the price, Palki replies that she is already paying the price for herself meet him .

Palki turns and starts screaming seeing the person behind the pillar, Karina and Rakhi come asking what happened as she points to the person, Raja comes walking down the hall as Rakhi asks if he is the person Rishab was talking about, Karina asks. Shaurya to go catch him. Nidhi signals the killer who tries to run away as Rajveer follows. Karina wonders where Rishab is, then informs that she saw him upstairs, so they both go to check on them.

The killer runs away as Raja pulls him into the room informing him that this is Luthra’s house and he came here twenty years ago for the sake of robbery, but then he got trapped in it and couldn’t remember, yet he understood everything. after he came to the house. Raja informs that he will run but AK asks him to come and help him as he will not leave without money, he says that he will distract the whole family while Raja should kill Preeta. Raja hesitates at first but then agrees so he leaves, Ak thinks he has to entertain the whole family.

Karina and Rakhi search wondering what these people want from them, Nidhi and her friend suggest that they want the money from this Luthra family, however Rakhi says they are wrong because if the criminal wanted money then he would have entered the house anyway he wanted. towards the house outside. Ak comes in front of them but he manages to run so Rajveer and Shaurya both follow him, Rishab hearing the sound thinks he has found the killer so he leaves, Karan starts waking up asking them to save her on Preeta.

Raja enters the house and then sees Preeta, he thinks he tried to kill her all those years ago but she was saved but her death is definitely written by his hand so this time he won’t be saved by no one, he curses the person who set the fire as he did not kill Preeta, he points the gun at her exclaiming that this time she will not be saved. Raja, hearing the inspector’s voice, hides behind the desk.

Ak wonders how many people are in this house, Rishab stands in front of him asking him about his identity, he immediately pulls out a knife as Rajveer ad Shaurya along with everyone else comes from the other side. Shaurya asks Aj to drop the knife, Rishab manages to hit Ak but he after pushing Rishab tries to run but Shaurya grabs him from behind when Ak threatens to kill him, Nidhi asks him too Shaurya let him go then run away. after cutting off his hand. Shaurya runs after Ak.

Rishab asks Rakhi and Karina to stay here, Rakhi asks what happened to his hand as he informs that he burnt it as he enters the house where he saw Karan who inhaled a lot of smoke but is now resting in the room . asks them to go and stay near Karan.

Rakhi and Karina enter the room when they realize that Karan is trying to say something, Nidhi informs her friend that these people are about to talk about Preeta so they have to handle it, Nidhi asks Karina bua and Rakhi to she goes to rest as it is very late, however Rakhi insists on staying when Nidhi returns to Karina informing that she is mature so she can handle it, Karina asks what is the problem when Rakhi wants to stay here, Nidhi tries to argue that she doesn’t its fine and they can go back for a while, Karina forces Rakhi to come with her but she insists on staying with Karan, Rakhi turns to leave when Karan takes Preeta’s name hearing Rakhi is stunned, karan explains that Preeta is alive. Nidhi and her friend are both shocked.

The inspector asks the policeman if they managed to find anyone but they both say there is no one here, the inspector orders them to go and call the fire department informing them that the fire has grown very large. Raja comes out of hiding and then thinks that if he kills Preeta with the gun then he would alert the police, takes a knife and comes to sit next to Preeta. Raja is furious about to stab Preeta.

Rakhi asks Karina di if she heard that karan took the name of Preeta and she says she is alive which means he saw her too. Karina replies that she also told her that she saw Preeta in this house, Nidhi asks them both to calm down informing that she is sure Karan didn’t see Preeta as she inhaled a lot of smoke so this might disturb her mental state , she asks. why is Karina bua acting like this but Karina wonders what is wrong with all this, she asks Karina to check Dadi.

Nidhi leaves with her friend who asks her what she is going to do now that everyone has seen Preeta, Nidhi informs them that she just wants to make everyone think for a while that Preeta is not alive as after some time he will surely die.

Rakhi sitting next to Karan asks him to wake up informing that she is sure the girl she saw in the house was Preeta but then why is she not coming in front of them. Rakhi tries her best to wake up Karan but then wonders why she doesn’t say anything, she leaves to fetch water.

Karan starts dreaming how Preeta was unconscious and tried to protect her from the murderer, Karan suddenly sits on the bed calling out Preeta’s name.

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