Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Police arrests Raja

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Rajveer says Palki is in this problem because of him and thinks her wedding broke because of him too, Palki says there is no need to apologize and she is happy that the weed is broken because if there is no trust in a relationship, then what’s the point of having one. Palki further says that she is happy that they both met and if the bus didn’t meet with the accident, they both could have never met, she feels that whatever happens was already written in Kundali bhagya. Rajveer starts reminiscing about the good times he spent with Palki, while she thinks about all those times when Rajveer stood up for her in front of everyone and kept her safe. Palki apologizes for saying a lot, but Rajveer says it was nice to hear what she had to say.

Ak enters the house after wearing a mask where he finds both Preeta and Karan, he thinks that this time he will surely kill her so he ties a rope around her neck with which he can strangle her, Preeta starts screaming then trying to breathe touch. Karan, she constantly tries to wake up but he doesn’t respond at first, however, just as Preeta can’t breathe anymore, Ak is hit in the back with the burning wooden table, Preeta again tries her best to wake up Karan who is just dreaming of his beautiful life with Preeta, Ak pulls Preeta when he finally calls Karan, he suddenly wakes up and sees Preeta being pulled.

Rajveer and Palki both look at each other, Rakhi comes to the kitchen and seeing both of them together gets stunned, Palki immediately mentions that the herbal drink is ready, Rajveer picks a pot mentioning that he came to pick a utensil, Rakhi gets excited when Palki asks what happened Rakhi says they both reminded her of her son and daughter in law as they too would fight like this, Rakhi hugs both of them, Shaurya who is standing at the kitchen door gets angry seeing how Rakhi pour love upon them. both, Rakhi leaves asking Palki to bring the drink when it is ready.

Shaurya walking angrily down the hall thinks he has had enough after constantly hearing about Rajveer, he angrily hits a chair when Nidhi comes asking what happened, Shaurya wonders if she cares about him too he is just acting like all their other members. family because he feels like he is the luckiest person in this world. Nidhi asks her to look at her, but he tells her that she should join everyone else too, because they keep talking about Rajveer who knows what he did to this family and to him. Shaurya exclaims if Rajveer is sent to jail then he will leave this house. Shaurya exclaims if Rajveer’s aunt was present here, she would have supported him the most and not like all these people. Shaurya says today that he is most disappointed with her, Nidhi thinks that Shaurya can’t be disappointed with her because all these things that are in her favor are because of Shaurya, she thinks that she needs to talk to him. Shaurya walks when Nidhi stops him asking what he said she doesn’t love him, she explains that she loves him even more than herself, she assures that she can sacrifice everything for him, Nidhi asks him to remember that his mother his was and will always be by his side, she asks him what he wants Rajveer to be punished, she asks him to come mentioning that she will definitely punish Rajveer even if the whole family is against him.

The worker comes to inform Rishab that he has checked that all the windows and doors are closed, Rishab asks him to bring water for everyone. Nidhi wonders if they all will do something or stay like this, Bani Dadi asks what happened when Nidhi says that is the beauty of this house as no one knows what happened, Mahesh wonders why she is talking like this and has to say- o clear, Nidhi reveals that today was a big day for Shaurya as he was about to receive an award and when he went to give his speech he got electrocuted and Rajveer was behind, Shaurya mentions that even then mom to Rakhi she acts like she is Rajveer’s grandmother, Rakhi exclaims that she loves him but the truth is that she has never seen the feeling of love for him. Karina assures that it’s not like that and they all really love him, Shaurya mentions that it’s time to show them how much he loves them. Rishab explains that Shaurya should show how much he loves them, he explains that he needs to be shown, then it’s not love as it feels. Sandy mentions that she shouldn’t interfere as it’s a personal matter but doesn’t feel like expressing her feelings, Rishab gets angry asking if Sandy is Shaurya’s lawyer. Nidhi says there is no need to lose focus and today she will make sure that Rajveer is punished for what he did. Nidhi is holding Rajveer’s hand when Rakhi stops her explaining that no one will arrest Rajveer. Nidhi asks Rakhi to come as she wants to talk to her.

Nidhi asks Rakhi what she is doing as she knows how Shaurya feels and she gets emotional even then she doesn’t do anything. Rakhi explains that she only does what she feels, Nidhi explains that she always follows her heart while not caring about her family. Rakhi warns Nidhi to never say that she doesn’t care about her family as she has always accepted her family’s decisions even if she feels something is wrong. Rakhi explains that this time she will not bow down to Shaurya’s wishes. Nidhi explains that she still respects her as she is the eldest of this family. Rakhi asks if Nidhi will tell the hoe to take care of Shaurya, informing that she saw him even before Nidhi came into his life. Rakhi explains that it is a mother’s responsibility to teach her children so she should have taught him, Nidhi asks if Rakhi is saying that Shaurya is to blame, Rakhi informs that she is indeed wrong which is why Rajveer came to enact revenge. Nidhi stops Rakhi from mentioning that she can’t argue with Rakhi anymore, Nidhi seeing Karina asks her to try to convince Rakhi as she is not listening to her.

Shaurya asks Rajveer what he did to his family for supporting him. Mahesh wonders why Shaurya thinks they don’t care about him. Bani Dadi also explains that it is not so and she has to wait for Rakhi to come and explain herself. Shaurya says he can’t understand why they let Rajveer pretend to be their family member. Nidhi who comes informs that she will make sure that Rajveer is punished for her crimes and arrested just like he had done with Shaurya.

Rakhi angrily asks KArina what Nidhi said just now, Karina walks in and informs her that she thinks Rakhi should support her family and arrest Rajveer, Rakhi explains that she can’t even hear what she feels, she informs both of them that they are young and if they have to arrest Rajveer then his whole future would be ruined. Rakhi informs when Shauyra was arrested, then Rajveer’s aunt took back the case, which even they couldn’t do now, if Rajveer is arrested, then she could release him. Karina asks if Rakhi is trying to pay her back as there is no competition between Rajveer and Shaurya. Rakhi explains that she is just saying that Rajveer’s aunt has shown some maturity so they can’t do the same.

Nidhi asks Shaurya to come and as they open the door the police comes with Raja, Rishab and Mahesh admit that he is Raja., he kneels in front of Nidhi threatening to expose her if she doesn’t protect him. Rishab instructs the police to wake up Raja, the inspector informs that he revealed that he was hired by Ak and that someone from this family hired him to kill someone, hearing this everyone is shocked.

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