Maitree 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kusum and Nandini are convinced by Ashish

Maitree 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh and Maitree reach the hospital. As Ashish returns home for six months, Maitree prays to God. Sona and Kusum discuss how much Nandini misses Ashish and how Pooja has done for his safety during the six months he has been without rice.

Image of Nandini doing a pooja. The sacred conch is blown by Nandini. Ashish’s face is bandaged by the doctor. When Ashish appears, Harsh and Maitree are surprised. Sona gets ready to welcome Ashish. Maitree and Harsh think how they will tell Nandini the truth. Where is Ashish, Nandini asks Harsh and Maitree. Ashish pretends to be present. Nandini is stunned.

He is not Ashish, Nandini declares as she moves back. Maitree tells Nandini to keep calm. Thali and Sona, Om and Kusum appear to welcome Ashish. When Thali arrives, Sona tells her that he can’t be their Ashish and leaves. Later, Maitree informs the family that Ashish got a new face as the doctor claimed that his face was completely burnt. Even Ashish, he claims, is unable to recognize himself.

He is their Ashish, according to Kusum. To convince her that Ashish is who he claims to be, Maitree invites Ashish to complete her exam. Ashish signs the paper twice. You are not Ashish according to Maitree because your signature is not like his. Ashish uses it at banks so Om checks it and says it’s his sign. Nandini states that Ashish’s symbol is there. Maitree observed.

Maitree asks New Ashish to tie her shoelace. He fastens the shoelace. He is her Ashish, according to Kusum. Ashish hugs her. Ashish is informed by Maitree that she cannot accept Ashish in her heart. Ashish sings their camaraderie anthem as he asks Maitree not to trust him. He bows down to Nandini and wins her over by rehashing their earlier exchange of roses. He gets a warm hug from Nandini who recognizes him as her Ashish. Maitree is urged to accept Ashish by Nandini and Kusum.

Later, Harsh asks Maitree not to consider Ashish. He claims he is Ashish as everyone knows him. Maitree claims she can’t even convince herself. harsh remarks about her reservations. She hugs Ashish, Nandini. New Ashish tells Nandini that he wants space today because he is stressed. I just want to apologize for doubting you, Nandini says its fine. Agreeing, Ashish asks Nandish’s location. According to Nandini, he went to the summer camp. Ashish claims he is exhausted and sleeping. Maitree considers the reasons for her heart’s resistance to receiving Ashish’s visitor. When someone posing as Ashish sees Nandini asleep, he goes upstairs with narcotics. He injected himself with medicine. When Maitree appears, he is caught in the act.

PreCap: Ashish in disguise is warned by Maitree that she will reveal her reality to him. He convinces her that he is the real Ashish, but Maitree disagrees.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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