Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update : Surili and Shiv Romance

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Shiv asking why are you not talking to me. She says I am scared, if this happens again, how will you react, don’t follow me. Shiv says men are fools to think they can take all decisions, I understand your fear, our fears will result in love. She says your dialogues cannot solve this problem. He says tell me the truth, you don’t want to stay with me, my life is to love you. He picks her up and says I won’t let you down until you agree. She says I will shout. He says I don’t need anyone’s permission, do you want anything or me. She says I just want you, I like it when you convince me, I love you. He says I love you too. Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai… play… They romance.

They say they love you. She says I am hungry, I will have some food. He says I will get it. Swati comes to Samar. Samar says don’t look at me. She says I got your track record, you earned a lot of money in less time, your personal life is not mentioned. He says my past is dark. She says your intentions are dangerous. He says I am a dangerous man, you want to try. She trips and falls on top of him. She says I like to play with danger. He says you are dangerous too. She says you will be destroyed if you take the risk. He says you are playing with fire. They smile.

Shiv says you look great in my shirt, take this poha. She likes. He says tell the truth. She says it has no taste. He says my work was wasted, I will order some food. She says no, you did this with love, we will have it, when we got married and took vows, we are making a new beginning, why don’t we take our vows. She shows sunlight and says we will swear on the sun, it has a lot of fire, promise me, you will take cooking lessons from me, it is a must. He promises. They make vows. She says promise me you won’t let anyone come between us. He says I promise, even this light will not come between us. They hug. Ranimaa sees the family video and cries. Veera asks what is the matter. She says you have known me for long, you are the protector of this family. He says I’m lucky to do it. She says many years have passed, I raised the princes with battles, now I see these walls breaking, I am tired, I am thinking of sharing the responsibility with Swati. He says I see you in Surili, not Swati. She says I can understand, Surili won’t be able to handle it, she is capable of handling this big responsibility. He says don’t worry, I am alive, no problem can arise with this family, that’s my promise. She is smiling. She says you don’t have to prove your loyalty, I am 55, you have always been with my kids, thank you very much. Pammi and Diya come home. Surili and Shiv come holding hands. She says I have taken a decision. Shiv says he forgave me, you also forgave me. Maasi also forgives him. Diya asks him for the gift. Shiv says it was Diya’s idea, you deserve many toys. Maasi says she already has many toys. Diya says I will finish my homework then we go. Shiv asks what happened Surili. Surili says I came here without telling anyone, Maa would be angry. He says he will understand, you are there to explain. Ranimaa says time to repeat the promise, I repeat this every 10 years, you will have Nishta anushtaan tomorrow, you will pledge to save us. Shiv tells this to Surili. Surili says Veera is the backbone of the family. He says he is like Ranimaa’s brother. Veera greets Ranimaa. He says Shiv will be there tomorrow, right. Shiv says I am excited, I will be with him tomorrow. Ranimaa says to ask Shiv. He gets Shiv’s call. She says you are old age, I was going to call you. Shiv says I was telling Surili about Nishta Anushtaan. She asks do you remember. He says yes, how can I forget, it’s a big day, we both are coming tomorrow. He asks Ranimaa to talk to Surili. Surili talks to Ranimaa. Ranimaa says I am happy, Shiv is coming tomorrow, prove that traditions are not broken. Surili says it will not break, we both will be there tomorrow. Ranimaa says I m glad to hear this. Samar hears this and says your traditions will break along with your pride. Maan hears him and says I will not let anything break, I understood everything.

Shiv meets Roshni. Surili says, I want to say something. Maan goes to Veera and says that Samar is the enemy of this family. Veera says I will not leave him. Maan asks Samar to do the countdown.

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