Maitree June 16, 2023 Written Episode Update: Kamna fails to kill Maitree

Maitree 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maitree prays God to protect Harsh wherever he is. Just then, a masked assailant hits Maitree from behind. Maitree collapses to the ground. A disguised individual drags Maitree to the tub and tries to kill her by putting her in the tub of water. When Harsh goes home, he is surprised to notice something.

Nandini gets a call some time before. She is surprised by the phone call. Nandini rushes the family members to the hall. Everyone gathers in the hall. She informs Tiwari’s family that she received a call from Nandish’s school informing her that Nandish fell while playing. Nandini advises the Tiwaris to send their children to school. Maitree tries to accompany them but Nandini stops her and claims that the college only calls family members. Sona asks Maitree to stay at home while the others go to school. Maitree considers her options and sounds harsh. Harsh does not return her call. She asks him to come soon.

Maitree lights the diya in the mandir. He prays for Nandish’s health. She feels like someone is following her. She looks around but sees no one. Maitree asks Harsh to return home quickly. Harsh, on the other hand, heads to the temple to bring prasad for his mother. He believes that once he returns home, he will reconcile with Maitree. Maitree wonders where is Kamna. A masked individual attacks Maitree and drags an incapacitated Maitree to the toilet.

Stuck in traffic. He notices 50 missed calls from Maitree. He thinks he didn’t hear a sound. On his phone, he notices that someone has blocked Maitree’s number. When she sees Maitree’s message, she chooses to go home.

Tiwari’s family visits Nandish at school and finds that he is fine. Nandini and Sona speculate who played a prank on them. A disguised individual emits gas and tries to kill Maitree by putting her in the bathtub. Harsh returned home. He notices smoke and breaks down the bathroom door. He notices Maitree sinking into the water. He comes to her aid. He catches a masked individual and asks who sent him to kill his wife. When the Tiwaris arrive home, they hear sounds from upstairs. Harsh removes the mask and discovers that the person who tried to kill Maitree is his mother.

Maitree is supported by the Tiwari family. Harsh confronts his mother about her attempt to kill Maitree. Harsh confronts Kamna about his infidelity. Kamna remains silent. Harsh urges Maitree to explain why Kamna tried to kill her, saying he wants to know the truth. Maitree shows her Kamna’s true face and how she harassed her. Maitree claims, “I thought Mami Ji would change but she didn’t and she lost everything today including her son.” Kamna asks Maitree to stop talking.

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