Meet 19 June 2023 Episode Written Update: Masum scolds Sumeet.

Meet 19th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Fifteen years later, the household staff discuss Sumeet’s lateness in waking up for college. Cheeku enters Sumeet’s room and wakes her up by singing a lullaby. Sumeet realizes that he is late for his college performance and rushes to get ready.

Raj informs the college authorities to postpone the farewell show by an hour, threatening to withhold any donations to the college otherwise. Masum’s husband asks Raj about rescheduling a business meeting to attend Sumeet’s college function. Raj states that he is first Sumeet’s brother and then his business partner. Masum complains about Sumeet’s behavior towards Dadi.

At college, Sumeet expresses her aspiration to become like her mother, Meet Hooda, in front of everyone, while Dadi, Masum and her husband watch from home. Masum compares the lifestyles of Meet and Sumeet and argues that the latter can never be like Meet. Raj praises Sumeet stating that she doesn’t need to be like Meet as she is already outstanding like Sumeet. He allows Sumeet to hang out with her friends but asks him to take Poonam. Sumeet agrees.

Back home, Masum hopes that her daughter Vani will get married soon. Vani assures Masum not to worry about her marriage and their father agrees. Meanwhile, Sumeet’s friends praise her for the idea of ​​allowing Poonam to enjoy the hotel reserved by Raj for the party. Sumeet notices a hotel owner scolding an old man for his poor work and intervenes by playing the dhol and making the owner apologize to the old man. Sumeet’s admirer witnesses her act of kindness and her friends also praise her.

One of Sumeet’s friends teases her about how her brother spoils her and suggests her to explore the world instead of always following her brother Raj’s rules. Poonam informs Sumeet that she is stuck in traffic, which worries Sumeet to reach home on time. Her friend offers to book her a cab and Sumeet agrees. Her friend promises to make the taxi ride a memorable one.

While waiting for a taxi, Sumeet’s admirer arrives on a bicycle, revealing himself to be the one booked to drop her home. He praises her for helping the old man and walks her home. Sumeet’s admirer is overjoyed to have this opportunity with Sumeet and then leaves.

Sumeet meets Poonam and Raj also arrives, questioning Poonam for letting Sumeet out of the car. To protect Poonam, Sumeet lies to Raj. Inside the house, Vani notices Sumeet’s hands and discovers that she has been playing the dhol. Vani scolds Sumeet, aware that he played the instrument to help someone. Sumeet calms her down and helps her prepare to meet a guy and his family who are coming to see Vani for marriage.

Later, Sumeet discusses Vani’s achievements with the guy and his family. The guy’s mother discovers Vani’s hearing aid and demands more dowry to continue the marriage. Masum agrees but Vani refuses. Raj and Sumeet support Vani’s decision and the guy’s family leaves. Masum blames Sumeet, stating that she is the reason Vani lost her hearing. Sumeet becomes sad and Raj tries to defend her but she stops him. Masum asks Sumeet to prove that he possesses Meet’s qualities by arranging Vani’s marriage before Meet’s birthday, which is in seven days. Sumeet promises to fulfill Masum’s request.

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