Meet 20 June 2023 Episode Written Update: Sumeet learns about Vani’s liking for Abhay

Meet 20th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sumeet feels the need to prove himself and find a suitable match for Vani. Raj arrives but Sumeet insists on fighting this battle alone. Dadi brings milk for Sumeet and Raj expresses his concern for Vani. He believes in finding a relationship based on emotional connection. Raj assures Sumeet that he will find a solution and leaves with Dadi. Sumeet decides to investigate if Vani ever had feelings for anyone.

Vani advises Sumeet not to take Masum’s challenge seriously. She mentions that she wants to transfer her job but Abhay is against it. Sumeet searches Vani’s closet for clues and notices many purple items, despite Vani’s previous dislike of the color. Vani hesitates to answer, but receives a video call from Abhay, who suggests using purple as the background color for the slides. Vani reveals that she knows Abhay’s favorite color is purple. Sumeet playfully teases Vani and convinces her to confess her love for Abhay. They dance happily together. However, Vani thinks that she is not good enough for Abhay and wants to remain friends and asks him not to tell anyone.

Sumeet visits Abhay’s office but is asked if she has an appointment by the receptionist. Sumeet hides in a clothes trolley and sneaks inside. She overhears a conversation about her favorite singer, Wonder Boy, and gets excited when she hears his voice. Sumeet follows the voice and accidentally gets tangled in the lights, almost slipping, but is saved by her admirer. She falls for him and asks if he knows Abhay and can help her meet him. He recalls Abhay’s introduction.

Sumeet realizes that she has never experienced love before, which makes it difficult to explain her situation. He confesses that he has loved Sumeet since his college days but never had the courage to express it. Sumeet promises to pray for him to find love if he helps her. She tells him about Vani and Abhay. Sumeet opens Abhay’s office door and pretends that Vani has fallen and hurt himself. Abhay panics and starts looking worried. Sumeet introduces herself as Vani’s sister and urges Abhay to confess his love for Vani before it is too late. Vani overhears their conversation, learning about Sumeet revealing his feelings to Abhay.

Shagun reaches the office and accidentally bumps into Sumeet without noticing her. She enters Abhay’s office and hears about Sumeet. Meanwhile, Sumeet tries to convince Vani that Abhay loves her, but Vani blames Sumeet for jeopardizing their friendship. Masum scolds Sumeet for her actions and challenges her to make Abhay accept Vani’s relationship one day, threatening to disown her as Meet’s daughter. Masum takes Meet’s watch from Sumeet, angering Raj, but Sumeet calms him down. Shagun smiles knowing about Sumeet’s situation and feels welcome in her own world.

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