Mere Sai 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Keshav opposes Kulkarni

Mere Sai 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rambha, Baji and Tatya are working on laying the roof. Tatya coughs. Rambha tells Tatya that she is coming down, looks like you are not feeling well. Tatya says I m fine. Rambha goes to get water for him. Tatya faints and falls from the ladder but Sai catches him. Rambha and Baizmaa rush to Tatya. Sai looks at Baizmaa and Rambha.

Kulkarni thinks about Sai’s words that there will be a time when Sai will not be around to help him and he has crossed all limits and will soon bear the consequences. Santa goes to Kulkarni and says everyone has experienced Sai talking strangely for the past 2 days. Kulkarni gets happy and says this means Sai is leaving Shirdi soon and it is good news so let’s celebrate. Santa says don’t jump to conclusions soon because Sai is building a huge house better than yours with the help of Bapu Saheb. Kulkarni says go find more information about the house.

Baizmaa sees Tatya’s hand bleeding and asks Sai what is wrong with Tatya. Sai looks at Tatya and applies Udhi on her forehead. Tatya wakes up. Sai cleans his wound and ties Raksha Dhaga’s hands. Sai tells Baizmaa to make sure that this Raksha Sutra stays on the hand. Baizmaa asks what exactly happened. Sai says it’s a bigger problem.
Baizmaa says why is everything slipping from my hands and I feel I can save anything, first I was worried for Sai and now for Tatya. Sai says I promised that I won’t leave you so don’t worry about me and Tatya is not well so I am not sure when she will be well and for Tatya to be well you have to be strong and to give him uddhi. if he feels sick and brings him to Dwarka Mai when he is well rested, he will be well soon. Sai leaves to meditate.
Baizmaa says why did Sai not answer correctly. Tatya says everything will be fine soon, don’t worry.

In Dwarka Mai, Tukuba comes and asks Sai for help and tells about how Kulkarni refused him the money in exchange for the mangoes he sold to him, he sold them, but he does not give me the money. Keshav apologizes to Tukuba and says I will pay you. Sai says you won’t. Kulkarni made this mistake and will rectify it. Kulkarni says he has never accepted his mistake and will not today.
Kulkarni reaches Dwarka Mai with boxes of mangoes and says I heard that Sai is leaving Shirdi and I am so happy that I even brought you fresh mangoes as a farewell gift. Sai smiles and says Tukuba your mango is back, these are your 10 boxes and God never does injustice.
Kulkarni says to Sai, anyway enough of your nonsense when you are leaving and where are you going to another village or hell. Malchapati gets angry. Sai asks him to calm down and tells Kulkarni that you too will be upset when I leave. Kulkarni says why will I be angry. Sai says the truth is when I leave you will cry first. Kulkarni says never and I will not let that house of yours be built. Sai says house is very important and no one can stop it. Keshav loses his cool and says enough nonsense, I have been quiet till now and I promise this house will be built. Kulkarni says remember I am your father and you all will see how I stop the construction. Kulkarni leaves the place.

Rukmini asks Keshav to be calm. Keshav says I am always embarrassed because of Kulkarni and his behavior. Rukmini says to ignore him. Keshav says because of this ignorance this day has come, you never objected to his behavior, Tejasvi and Sonali atleast talk, but you let everything happen quietly and made me behave as you wanted, no you never stopped him when he misbehaved with me and you how long we will ignore Kulkarni prays my god die and things would be different if you stood up. Kulkarni comes in and says this house and Shirdi is mine and whoever stands against me, I will throw them out of this house and Shirdi.
Keshav tells Rukmini that I will keep quiet even now because you want her and leaves.
Kulkarni shouts from behind you won’t be able to do anything.

Rukmini prays to Sai and thinks she has done what Keshav says is right, I may be wrong as a wife but I can’t be as a mother, please support me. Rukmini stops Kulkarni. Kulkarni shouts at her and asks her to talk. Rukmini prays to Sai and says I feel your presence Sai.

Pre head: Kulkarni pushes Rukmini. Keshav says to Kulkarni when I was a child, I saw you raising your hand to my mother but not now. Kulkarni says I will do whatever I want. Keshav says in that case me and mom leave this house.
At worst, Tatya’s health says my time is up Aai, but I don’t want to go. Baizmaa and everyone gets scared.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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