Mere Sai June 15, 2023 Written Episode Update: Sai’s brick given by Guruji’s cracks.

Mere Sai 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai in Dwarka Mai holding a brick. The flowers outside on a tree fall and make the face of his Guru. Sai smiles and prays and says Guruji your wish is my command. Flowers disappear into thin air. It starts thundering and lightning and the weather turns bad. Everyone in Shirdi wakes up due to bad weather. Baizmaa gets worried about Sai. In Nagpur, Bapu and his wife see Sai’s face in the sky and he says it means Sai is calling me and tells his wife that he has to go to Shirdi quickly.

Shama in the cart sees Sai’s face in the sky and tells the driver to return to Shirdi. Slowly, one by one, all the devotees of Sai see their face in the sky and go to Shirdi.
Kulkarni sees the bad weather and says it looks like a big storm is coming and I have seen such weather for the first time and I wish Sai beggar dies in this weather. Keshav asks Kulkarni to stop this behaviour. Kulkarni yells at him and leaves.
Keshav tells Sonali and Rukmini that he is worried about Sai and will meet Sai. Sonali says I will come too. Rukmini says I will wait here, you two.

Everyone goes to Dwarka Mai and gathers at Dwarka Mai. The weather keeps getting worse. Everyone sees Sai standing on the steps holding a brick in his hand. Sai looks at everyone and the lightning falls on the brick and the brick breaks. Everyone gets scared. Baizmaa rushes to Sai and asks if everything is fine, this brick was given to you by your guru, what does it mean it is broken now. Sai tells him Guru called me. Sonali asks Sai who is his Guru. Malchapati says you are talking about Venkusha Guruji, but he is no more, what are you saying?
Everyone is scared and worried.

Sai asks everyone to calm down and not to worry and says go to sleep, I will meet everyone tomorrow. Sai comes inside and looks at Baizmaa and looks worried.

The next day everyone gathered at Appa Patil’s house. Everyone is discussing how they saw Sai’s call. Dixit asks what is wrong, you all look worried. Tatya tells Dixit Kakasaheb the whole scenario. Dixit and Bapu Saheb tell everyone that Sai is not at Dwarka Mai. Baizmaa gets worried. Sai walks towards everyone and asks them not to worry that he is right here. Baizmaa says to Sai, we all are worried and want to know why you said Guru called you. Sai says I want to talk to others who came from outside. Sai tells Dixit and Bapu Saheb that he should not have left his work and come here. Dixit says we made arrangements and left and then came here. Sai explains that you will treat me as a Guru and that is how he came at my call, so likewise I have to go see my guruji. Baizmaa says how is this possible, Venkusha Guruji is no more.
Appa Patil says maybe Sai wants to meditate and meet his Guru. Baizmaa says she feels something is wrong. Sai says nothing to worry, I will always be in Shirdi and why will anyone separate me from you all, I will keep meeting you all and I am everywhere here in Shirdi always in every particle.
Everyone sees Sai everywhere in the trees, in the leaves, in the flowers, in the houses, in the sky everywhere.
Baizmaa believes that Brick is very close to Sai, Sai treats him as his protective shield and that the break-in is not just a coincidence, what does Sai have to hide?
Sai blesses everyone.

Bapu Saheb sees children playing and goes to Khandoba Mandir. He keeps seeing flashes of a house and becomes confused. Bapu Saheb performs aarti.
Bapu Saheb sees Sai sitting behind with others. Bapu Saheb says I see a house. Sai says its time to fulfill our promises, my promise to stay with you in your house and your promise to build a house in Shirdi. Dixit and Shama say we will help you build that house.

Baizmaa asks Sai why he is cleaning so late. Sai says I just want to share my things with everyone and who knows later I won’t get any chance. Baizmaa gets worried.
Sai shows Bapu Saheb the place to build his house.

Credit update to: Tanaya

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