Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rekha loses to a ghost

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rekha searches for the ghost and thinks she can feel the ghost’s presence, but she can see it. Gaura calls Rekha. The lady owner goes to her and asks if she said anything. Gaura asks why he feels there is a ghost in this house. Ajay, the lady’s son, returns home early and asks Gaura who she is. The hole says it’s from BMW. Ajay tells his parents that they cannot afford a BMW and asks Gaura to leave. Gaura says BMW means bhooth mukti wale/ghost exorcist. Ajay drags Gaura out of the house and warns her never to come back.

Ajay’s wife Riya panics and thinks they can’t do this to her. Ajay enters. Riya attacks him with a knife. Ajay shakes her and makes her feel. Riya asks why is she holding a knife, what happened to her. Ajith says nothing happened. Rekha watches them and thinks if Riya has a ghost in her. Ajay senses someone near the window. Riya notices blood on her cheek and panics. Ajay says it is his blood and asks her to go and wash it. Riya comes out. Ajay turns into a ghost.

Twinkle tells her mother that she wants to divorce Som as he is poor and unemployed and calls a lawyer with divorce papers. Mother scolds her saying that Som is a good boy who tolerates her and says that she must live with Som at any cost and not divorce him. Gaura is looking for a ghost with a lens and hopes Rekha finds her soon. Rekha chastises Ajay and says he is a ghost but instead accuses his innocent wife. Ajay says he doesn’t know about his superpowers and ties her up. Riya runs to her in-laws The in-laws say she is a ghost. Gaura scolds them for doubting their DIL and goes upstairs to check on Rekha. Ajay pulls her down. The drama continues.

Precap: Gaura returns to Ajay’s house thinking that Rekha must be there for sure. Ajay apologizes to Gaura and asks her to go.
Rekha calls Gaura.

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