Nick Fury Fights ‘Secret Invasion’ Tennis Drama ‘Break Point’ NBC’s ‘LA Fire & Rescue’ ‘Class’ Finale

Secret Invasion Samuel L. Jackson


Secret invasion

“What if those closest to us were someone else entirely? What if there weren’t even people?” The latest thriller in the Marvel Cinematic Universe asks these questions, urgent enough to poach the iconic Nick Fury (Samuel J. Jackson) from deep space to lead the charge on Earth against a rogue faction of shape-shifting alien Skrulls, who they infiltrated his positions. global authority. Making the heroes’ job more difficult is knowing that your most trusted ally might be an impostor. Adding something: Oscar winner Olivia Colman as MI6 agent Sonya Falsworth, who has a devilish way of making even the most recalcitrant Skurll talk. Ben Mendelsohn (exterior) co-stars as Skrull ally Talos, with Game of thrones’ Emilia Clarke as his rebellious daughter, G’iah. Be warned that the premiere’s climactic action sequence includes one of those “did that happen?” moments.

Nick Kyrgios

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Docusery that delves as deep into professional tennis as F1: Drive to survive do for Formula 1 racing returns for the back half (episodes 6-10) of its first season, covering the major events of the 2022 Grand Slam season. The episodes cover the excitement of Wimbledon and the US Open, with featured players including Nick Kyrgioswho ended up opposite in the Wimbledon final Novak Djokovicand US Open women’s finalists Every Swiatek and Our Jabeur.

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LA Fire & Rescue

Dick Wolf’s busy production company is taking a break from Chicago and New York to focus on the real-life exploits of first responders on land, water and in the sky, covering the vast terrain of over 2,300 square miles of Los Angeles County. The first season incorporates seven of the county’s 117 stations, including the opening Station 8 in West Hollywood, where the crew gathers around third-year probationer and cancer survivor. Dave Castellanos; busy station 16 in Watts; and Station 37 in Palmdale, a desert community where wildfire suppression is among the top priorities. The series also features those from the Air Operations unit (aka “Angels in the Sky”) and the Lifeguard Division.

Brian Tyree Henry in


Class of ’09

FX’s ambitious time-travel thriller wraps up with major events in each of three intertwining time periods. In the near future, Tayo (Brian Tyree Henry) takes control of the FBI and puts his visionary AI system into action – which in the future of 2034 has become an uncontrollable nightmare, causing Tayo and his fellow 2009 Quantico graduates to set up system elimination. . The finale also features the graduating class of 2009, when things were much simpler.

Inside Wednesday’s TV:

  • The high desert (streaming on Apple TV+): Wrapping up the first season as well: the crazy dark comedy starring Patricia Arquette as unstable PI Peggy, whose feud with the Gattchi crime family comes to a head.
  • Platonic (streaming on Apple TV+): The hilarious buddy comedy sinks into farcical silliness when Sylvia (Rose Byrne) enters the workforce after many years and finds the law and her young co-workers more than she bargained for. Can Will (Seth Rogen) come to her rescue or just make things worse?
  • MasterChef: United Tastes of America (8/7c, Fox): With the Top 20 now set, the first challenge involves creating dishes inspired by the state fair. The winner claims immunity for their entire region. Followed by Gordon Ramsay’s food stars (9/8c), where the remaining entrepreneurial contestants head to Arizona to create an outdoor dining experience.
  • walking (9/8c, HBO): Timed for LGBTQ Pride Month, a documentary features a co-director Kristen LovellHis reflections on the history of transgender sex workers in New York’s Meatpacking District before and after gentrification.
  • Dr. Pimple Popper (9/8c, TLC): Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee is back with the first of 10 new episodes, starting with the case of Elysa, whose mysterious burning rash smells like “hot garbage.”
  • Saving the Holmes family (9/8, HGTV): Entrepreneur Mike Holmes returns with his Heirs, home renovation experts Michael Jr. and Sherryto fix the mess left behind by shoddy contractors, including a botched kitchen and basement addition and an unfinished backyard pool.
  • Mayan MC (10/9c, FX): In what is described as a “fatal trip,” EZ (JD Pardo) takes brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas) on a road trip on the anniversary of their mother’s death.
  • It’s always sunny in Philadelphia (10/9c, FXX): The words “trust your gut” take on new meaning when Frank (Danny DeVito) gets extra help from Charlie (Charlie Day) as he takes on a Russian grandmaster at a tournament of chess. Elsewhere, Dennis (Glenn Howerton) shares his “unbelievable” man-attracting system with Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and their bad luck in love.
  • Below the belt: Taboo last health (10/9c, PBS): The topic is endometriosis, too often misdiagnosed or left untreated for too long. This documentary focuses on four patients: a young black nurse from LA, a wealthy teenager from Boston, a 30-year-old Canadian, and a Korean-American artist, whose stories provide a wake-up call to the medical community and society at large.
  • China’s Corporate Espionage War (10/9c, CNBC): Following the Secretary of State Antony Blinkhis trip to Beijing, a documentary sheds light on China’s corporate espionage tactics designed to steal high-tech trade secrets from American companies.

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