Pandya Store 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish and Prerna get married

Pandya Store 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arushi calling Shiva. He says car will come to pick you up, you are ready, we will meet. Krish hugs Prerna. Shweta comes and asks them to hurry for marriage. Dev and Rishita come smiling. Raavi cries and says Somnath save me. Rishita says it acts naturally. Raavi says good. Dhara asks Rishita and Dev to sit in the mandap. Krish and Prerna come with Shweta. Dhara and Suman bless Krish and Prerna. Dhara gets the pandit’s call. She asks him to hide and come. She goes to get him. Kanta sees the pandit. She asks you where you want to go, I will help you, tell me. Dhara looks and hides. She throws a stone and hits Kanta. Kanta asks who threw the stone, come out. Dhara takes the pandit and runs away. Pandit says it is auspicious to enter through the main door, not the back door. Dhara asks him to come. Pandit says you told me about one couple, but two couples are here. Shiva says there are three couples, and I am the groom. Pandit asks where is your bride. Dhara says she is reading mantras for these two couples. Shiva says wait, Arushi will come. Dhara says Gautam went to get her. Shiva calls Arushi. Dhara worries. He makes Shiva throw his phone in the water. Suman says well done. Shiva asks how will I make a call. Prerna says put it in rice. Krish says it is damaged. Dhara says I will get a new one, you marry these couples first. Raavi comes and says you will marry my Dev to this girl but remember if Dev marries her I will kill myself.

It makes a drama. Shiva says he is singing. She says my feelings are genuine. She scolds Dev. Suman and Dhara ask Raavi to stop. Shiva asks Dev to go. Suman asks Shiva to save Raavi. Shweta says Shiva will take care of it. Suman says someone is saving her. Dev says let’s get married. Dhara asks if I gave you this education, Raavi will die. Rishita says I will jump in the well if this marriage doesn’t happen. Shiva asks what is this. Dhara says don’t do this, stop. Dev says you can’t leave me. Suman asks Dev to stop Raavi and save her. Shiva asks Rishita to take Dev and jump with him. He was scolding Dev. Pandit asks whose marriage is taking place. Suman asks Shiva to save Raavi. Dev is making a drama. He says guys, I have to save Rishita, the one I love, I will save her, see the other side. Dhara says he is so selfish. Rishita jumps into Dev’s arms and smiles. Suman asks who will save Raavi. She asks Shiva to go save her. Shweta says I will do something. Suman stops her. Shweta says someone is saving her. Shiva says Raavi can’t do that. Suman asks him to save Raavi. Dhara asks Shiva to save Raavi, she will die, I will go. Shiva says Krish, go save Raavi. Prerna says no, she won’t get up, Shweta can sit in the mandap, I won’t take any risk. Krish says you are free, you can go and save Raavi.

Raavi says I have prepared the rope noose. Dhara asks what, she got the chair too, Shiva saves her. Shiva remembers past moments. He runs to save Raavi. He breaks down the door and enters. Everyone is smiling. Krish says let’s get married pandit ji. Pandit asks them to get up for pheras. Shiva asks Raavi to leave him. Raavi holds him. Krish and Prerna do the rounds. Everyone is watching. Dev and everyone carry flowers on them. Raavi asks why did you save me. She faints in Shiva’s arms. Shiva remembers the past. Krish makes Prerna wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor. Suman says Krish got married. Pandit says marriage is done. Krish and Prerna hug. Rishita asks Dev when will our marriage take place. He says it will happen after Shiva and Raavi’s marriage. Everyone wishes Krish and Prerna. Raavi goes up to the well. Shiva stops her. Dhara asks him to come down. Raavi says no, I want to die, I can’t live my life without my husband Shiva. Shiva is shocked.

Dhara asks Shiva to open the door. Shiva says I will marry Arushi. Dhara does not see Shiva in his room.

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