Rabb Se Hai Dua 21st June 2023 Episode Written Update: Dua tries to bribe Ajaz for Ruhaan

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Scene 1
Dua tells Gulnaz that she has an idea, Ajaz might be Gazal’s brother but he is very greedy and we can use this to save Ruhaan. She calls Ajaz and says I know you are doing all this for money, if I give you more money, give us Ruhaan back. Ajaz says what do you want to do with him? Dua says just tell me what will you take to give it to us? Ajaz says I want 50 lacs, bring him to my location yourself and then I will bring Ruhaan to you. Dua says good. Ajaz says don’t inform Gazal else he will kill me. I will give you Ruhaan and then you can do whatever you want. Dua says ok and ends the call. Ajaz turns and sees Ruhaan standing there. Ruhaan is heartbroken and remembers his moments with Dua. Ajaz says see he is not in your favor, he is ready to buy you with money. Ruhaan says I can’t believe this, I trusted her so much and she wants to kill me? Ajaz says this world is bad but don’t worry, I am with you.

Dua says I have 10-12 lacs. Gulnaz says I have some money but I don’t think it will matter. Dadi and Kaynaat also put in their money. Ravi says I have only 75K, Dua says you can keep it. Ravi says please let me do this for Ruhaan. Everyone gives their money. Gulnaz praises Ravi and says I bless you with happiness. Dua says I will withdraw more money from bank and go to Ajaz. Gulnaz says you can’t go alone. Dua says Ajaz wanted me to come alone, I don’t want him to hurt Ruhaan. Dadi says you will be in danger. Dua says she just wants money and then they can take Ruhaan. Gulnaz says I will go with you, I can’t let you go there alone. Dua says please understand, I have to fight alone. She leaves with money. Everyone is praying for her. Dua leaves the house but Haider stops her and asks where is she going? she says i don’t have to answer you. Haider says ok but can i ask did you throw water on Hina in the morning? Dua says yes but it was a mistake. Haider says you misbehaved with her and I cant stand it. Dua thinks I need to leave as soon as possible. She thinks I need to push my limit today. She pushes him and shouts yes, I threw water on her to wash away her sins, this was worth it. Haider says I can’t believe you are my Dua, how can you be so ill mannered. Dua says if you loved me then you wouldn’t have married Gazal. Hina is laughing at my pain and you want me to respect her? what I did to her was worth it. You have no right to question me, I have no love or respect for you, so stay out of my business. She leaves from there. Gazal smiles hearing all this, she thinks Dua made her job easier.

Gazal calls Ajaz and tells him that Dua has already left the house. Ajaz says Ruhaan is totally against her now.

Haider sits sadly and says I can’t believe Dua can insult Hina like this. Hina comes there and says it was always like this. Haider says I want to be alone for now. Hina says she is yet to hear anything against her. Haider says please leave me alone. Hina cries and leaves.

Gazal comes to Hina and asks why are you crying? Hina says Dua ruined my son. Gazal says it continues to take her pain, she doesn’t even eat anything. Can you please ask him to drink this milk? he will not accept it from my hands. Hina says you are so patient for him, I bless you. She takes the milk and goes to Haider. Gazal smiles.

Hina brings milk to Haider and says please take this at least for me. Haider sighed and drank the milk. Gazal is happy to see this as she remembers mixing sleeping pills in it. Gazal says my plan is working to spend the night with him.

Dua reaches the address where Ajaz called her, she looks around for him. He sees her from far and says he is here to save Ruhaan. He also tells Gazal. Gazal sees Haider dizzy and thinks Dua will be busy there and I will enjoy my night with Haider.

The episode ends.

Credit update to: Atiba

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