Radha Mohan 15 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha does not expose Damini in front of the Trivedi family

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Damini informs Kaveri that Radha has regained consciousness, Kaveri asks if Damini has not killed her before, she is shocked to see Ketki standing at the door. Ketki angrily comes to stand in front of Damini who asks if Radha is fine, Ketki mentions that Damini can act for a little while as she would surely find out who did this to her, Damini remembers when she locked Radha in the warehouse refrigerator, Ketki informs that no one had the proof in Tulsi Bhabhi’s case, but this time she herself is the proof, Ketki warns Damini to brace herself as it will surely end, Ketki is sure that Damini is behind it all , Ketki angrily walks away while both Damini and Kaveri are worried.

Kaveri informs that their time in this house is over and they should both pack their things because as Radha reveals the truth, they will both be sent to jail.

The doctor mentions that Bhagwan has heard their prayers as their Radha is out of danger, Kadambari and Mohan thank the doctor who finally leaves, Radha asks Gungun if he got scared, explaining that he promised not to leave her never, so how could he leave. she alone Damini and Kaveri are worried, Radha explains that Gungun is her life, she can even fight Ba Kai Bihari jee for her, Gungun not being able to control herself hugs Radha who explains that she is back again after fighting with everyone. Radha reveals that it is because of the love and care everyone has for her. Tulsi mentions that Radha has returned after fighting her destiny.

Gungun mentions that now he won’t let Radha go and stay by her side, Kadambari mentions that they got scared as they felt they lost her, but she is perfectly fine because of Ba Kai Bihari. Ketki informs that she was sure nothing will happen to Radha, Ajeet also asks if she is fine, Radha looks at Damini and Kaveri, Ketki turns angrily and asks if Radha will answer some of her questions, Ketki asks how did she come Radha in the cold. storage, hearing this everyone is tensed. Ketki asks if someone blocked her purposely, Damini and Kaveri get worried. Radha closes her eyes thinking how she followed Damini who entered the cold storage but then tricked her before locking the door. Radha kept staring at Damini, Mohan also noticed her. Radha mentions that one good deed is worth a thousand bad deeds, she explains no matter how much someone tries to cause differences between her family, then she returned to her family, so she doesn’t want to talk about this incident. Radha explains that she just wants to spend this time with jee Mohan and Gungun, while they will take care of everything else later. Tulsi suggests Radha to tell the truth as they can never trust Damini and Kaveri. Ketki tries to argue with Radha, but Mohan explains that Radha needs some rest, he promises to show no mercy to the person who is responsible for Radha’s condition. Damini and Kaveri get tensed.

Mr. Trivedi sits with Dadi and Ramaveshwar, Mr. Trivedi informs that he left for some work and thought he would come to inform them about Radha’s condition, Mr. Trivedi asks Ramaveshwar to forgive Radha, but he refuses saying that he is really angry with her. so I can’t forgive her. Mr. Trivedi replies that no mistake of a child is so big that the parents cannot forgive it, Mr. Trivedi forces Ramaveshwar to forgive Radha.

Gungun lies down next to Radha mentioning that he will always hug her like this and won’t let her go, Mohan asks Gungun to step aside, she asks the reason as she informs him that she is in immense pain so she wants to lie down, Radha she is shocked. hearing the fight, Ketki informs that they went to file a missing complaint, but the inspector arrested Mohan and started beating him. Radha promises to teach the inspector a lesson, Mohan stops her saying he just came back fighting her death so he needs to calm down. Gungun starts smiling as Mohan asks him to come inside, he also lies on the bed with Gungun and Radha, Kadambari starts smiling along with everyone else. However, Damini and Kaveri are both furious.

Radha constantly looks at Gungun and Mohan jee, she starts smiling seeing both of them, thinking how Mohan used to care for her whenever she was in any kind of pain. He gave her the right to be part of his family. Radha also feels comfortable as Mohan sleeps next to her on the bed, she is not able to forget and keeps thinking about the care Mohan always showed towards her and how they enjoyed both while they were with each other. She even remembers when Mohan hugged her in the cold storage. The whole family is shocked to see that Mohan has fallen asleep, Ajeet ridicules him when ketki explains that Mohan can fall asleep anywhere, Radha asks Ketki not to say anything as she sees that Mohan Jee couldn’t sleep because of her, Kadambari. He also says that Radha is telling the truth, she informs that Mohan was relieved when Radha regained consciousness, informing that she is Mohan’s reason for peace, asking him to see how he slept peacefully because she is by his side. Kaveri and Damini are not able to stand.

Radha gets up and then covers Mohan with the quilt, Gungun is also lying with Radha as he sees Radha continuously looking at Mohan, she explains that she doesn’t want to come between them. Radha explains that Gungun has to keep quiet because her father is sleeping, she explains that he should stop her from watching TV. Gungun asks why everyone wants to stop her from watching TV.

Damini while crying thinks that Radha should enjoy whatever she wants with her family but everything will change after the nineteenth of this month as it will be the last day she will remain happy.


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