Radha Mohan 16 June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari questions Damini

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Damini angrily looks at Radha who is smiling lying on the bed with Gungun and Mohan, she angrily leaves with her mother Kaveri. Tulsi mentions that Radha made a big mistake by revealing the truth about Damini as they both always plan something, she promises that this time she will defeat both of them.

In the morning Kaveri is packing thinking that Mohan is bringing Radha back from the hospital, she thinks she will pack all the things as she doesn’t know where she should run from, Damini asks her to put this bag in a safe place, informing that it’s the property deeds and some money she saved for an emergency, Kaveri replies that she feels they will be able to live for a few years, Damini is worried why Radha didn’t reveal the truth to Mohan, Kaveri mentions if he was related of the house then she might have made an emotional fool of this family, Damini informs that it wouldn’t be safe for them if Radha told everyone the truth, so she has to leave. Damini and Kaveri run to the door when the door suddenly closes, Damini and Kaveri are shocked to realize that it is Tulsi who informs that she knew both of them were behind locking Radha in the cold storage, Damini is frustrated to realize that it is Tulsi , so ask how it would be. get out of here, Tulsi however suddenly stops Kaveri holding her back, Damini turning gets scared and tensed, she doesn’t know what to do. Kaveri tries to pull the bag but Tulsi doesn’t let her go, she pushes the bag in the air which stuns both Kaveri and Damini. Tulsi says that they are both very greedy who would never leave without stealing the money, noting that it is their biggest weakness. Kaveri wonders what he would do without the money Damini asks him to hold the money, Kaveri starts to jump but Tulsi keeps pushing the bag but finally Kaveri catches him but Tulsi starts teasing him and even hits Kaveri on the head with the bag. Damini asks her if she is fine then she also starts to grab the bag but Tulsi pushes her, Damini and Kaveri both start chasing her.

Radha in the hospital cries looking at the injuries, Mohan asks what happened when she replies that it is nothing, Radha refuses to say anything, asks him to look at the injuries and feels that she would not leave and will have to stay with them. Mohan teases her but informs that the doctors will surely give a medicine after which everything will be fine, he assures that she has always been beautiful to him and there is nothing to spoil her beauty. Radha asks what he said that she is beautiful, she asks if he thinks she is beautiful when Mohan mentions that he is not worth talking to her as she only listens to what she cares to hear. Radha stops Mohan to ask her to complete what she was saying, Mohan mentions that it’s time to give her something, he picks a box asking her to wear the saree, Radha gets excited asks if this saree is for her, Mohan he says it’s for him. so he would go carrying her to the hospital. Radha says it looks expensive so she asks why did he bring it to her, Mohan mentions that he would throw it out of the hospital, Radha stops but then Mohan says he will give it to Ketki while she. she doesn’t create any problem while getting the gift, Mohan informs that it matches the injury marks on her face, she gets emotional when he asks if he can kneel for her as a punishment, however she says no need, Radha leaves. she was wearing a saree.

Damini and Kaveri are still trying to get to the bag but Tulsi doesn’t let them succeed, she even holds Kaveri’s hand seeing her stunned, Tulsi then makes her slap Damini with all her might so she falls on the couch, Damini wonders why she slapped her, Kaveri replies that this slap was from Tulsi, who wishes if Kaveri had given this slap in her childhood so that Damini would not be like this, but mentions that Damini she is just like her daughter, Tulsi snaps. Kaveri who starts spinning but then falls after getting the second slap, Tulsi then throws the bag on the floor, Kaveri and Damini both rush to the bag, Tulsi holds both of them by the back of the hair, Kaveri mentions that she is her aunt, so Tulsi should let her go, Tulsi pushes them both on the floor then starts slapping Damini and Kaveri both at the same time, Damini is worried, Kaveri says they both should run out of this house , because if Radha opens her mouth then the truth would be revelations.

Kadambari with her family enters the house, she angrily calls Kaveri who whispers that Radha could have told them the whole truth, Damini is also very tensed. Kadambari wonders what is going on here, asking why they are both in such a bad state, questioning what is going on here. Damini thinks Radha didn’t tell them the truth, Kadambari wonders once again when Tulsi asks them to tell the truth too. Damini keeps looking at the bag sitting in the corner, Kadambari notices her so goes to the bag, Damini and Kaveri both sit there. Kaveri whispers that if Kadambari opens the bag then she will definitely send both of them to jail. Kadambari brings the bag to Damini and Kaveri questioning what is with this bag. Damini mentions that it is just a bag, Kadambari explains that she wants to talk to both of them, so she asks them to come inside. Kadambari returns to tell Ketki that her daughter-in-law is returning after facing immense difficulties, so she should prepare for her arrival. Damini is frustrated thinking about the reception, Kaveri explains that Radha will return to this house while both of them will be thrown out of this house and even from the city.

Kadambari leaves with both Damini and Kaveri.

Radha is wearing saree when Mohan suddenly enters the room, both of them get awkward so Mohan asks Radha to give her the pin, she turns looking at him as he asks once more, Radha slowly puts the pin in her hand , Mohan starts pinning the saree, Radha can’t take her eyes off him at first but then gets nervous, Mohan is very attentive and smiles after finally finishing it. Radha just smiles, Mohan praises Radha for looking very beautiful. Gungun comes to them asking if they both want to stay in the hospital, Mohan says they can book another room, however Gungun starts smiling so Mohan asks them to leave.

Kadambari takes the money out of her bag asking Damini what is going on, she wonders where they both planned to get the money. Damini reveals that she was coming to the hospital with the money as they have to pay the hospital bill. Kadambari mentions that she was coming to the hospital with her bag full of money to sign the discharge papers, Kadambari wonders what else is in the bag, finds the property papers, Kadambari asks Kaveri what is this, warns Damini not to even think to tell another lie, she demands the answers to all her questions, informing Kaveri that she won’t say a word. Kadambari questions Damini if ​​she was behind what happened to Radha, asking if she locked Radha in the cold storage. Kadambari is angry asks if this is the reason why both of them were trying to leave this house with all the money, Damini is shocked.

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