Radha Mohan 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha is back with Mohan

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Kadambari asks if Damini is the one behind what happened to Radha and locked her in the cold storage, she even asks if that is the reason why she is running away with this money. Kadambari mentions that her face reveals that she is right to suspect them, Kadambari mentions that they only have to wait for a while, after which Radha will return and reveal the whole truth, after which no one would be able to save them from her, Mohan and even the police, they all hear the honking as Kadambari announces to her daughter-in-law that Radha is back, she asks them both if they should come out to meet them.

Radha is standing at the door with Gungun and Mohan while Kadambari is performing her Arti, Radha however is only looking at Mohan who is smiling and looking at her, Kadambari is actually performing the Arti of Gungun who is really happy. Kaveri and Damini are both frustrated. Kadambari asks them to enter but Mohan stops both Gungun and Radha from entering, he asks them to wait for a moment. Radha wonders what happened, Radha wonders if Mohan is thinking of sending her out of the house again, Mohan says he thinks they should lock her in the room after they tied her feet. Mohan explains that she is entering the house so she should do Grehperwash, Radha remembers that it shows that Mohan hit her last time. Radha mentions that she is already in immense pain and plans to hit her again, Mohan wonders how he can hit her with it when his legs don’t work, he assures that he won’t hurt Radha. Ajeet brings the Thali for Radha, who asks if Mohan is thinking of breaking all this stone. Mohan asks Radha to forgive him, Kadambari scolds Mohan.

Mohan mentions when Radha came to this house as a daughter-in-law, he humiliated her, so now he asks for her forgiveness, Radha tries to stop him, but he says she should let him tell the truth, he now explains that welcome her to this house as Radha Mohan Trivedi, Gungun smiles seeing her while even the rest of the Trivedi family smiles except for Damini and Kaveri. Mohan mentions that he has no idea what she has done for him and his entire family, he explains that she changed their lives and he never thought he would be able to smile again in his entire life because of her Gungun. started calling him her father and even accepted him, Kaveri consoles Damini. Mohan mentions that Ketki gave him the right of an elder brother. Mohan mentions that people keep the footprints of god and goddess, he says she is Devi for him, hearing this, Damini starts crying. Mohan now explains that he will keep her foot prints, he asks her to press her right feet in this plate. Radha slowly raises her legs but suddenly stops and puts her legs back out, she asks Mohan to wait for a moment, mentioning that she has come to this house for two very important reasons, first for him and then for Gungun. Radha says she couldn’t have done everything without their support, she reveals how she wants to perform Grehperwash with both of them, Kadambari starts smiling. Radha explains that Radha is incomplete without Mohan, he then says what is the reason to wait, so he asks him if he would count, then on the count of three, they all slowly put their feet on the board. Radha is unable to stand still and is about to fall, however Mohan protects her, they both start staring into each other’s eyes, Gungun smiles seeing them while even Kadambari smiles seeing both of them getting romantic, Mohan says no he has the count of the sufferings he has caused her, Radha replies and she also doesn’t have the count of the love she has showered on him, Gungun asks if the romantic scene is over so they can go inside, Mohan lets Radha go. her hand but she puts it back on her arm as she smiles so Mohan asks Gungun to come in too, they all enter the house.

Mohan asks Radha to sit down carefully, he asks Dulari to turn on the AC, but then he feels that he might catch cold, so he asks her to bring the food and even the medicine, the whole family smiles.

Damini whispers to Kaveri that she has her right to all this happiness, she explains that Radha should enjoy it by the nineteenth of this month, Kaveri explains that it would only happen if Radha doesn’t reveal the truth right now , because then Mohan will hit them first. , she explains that there is nowhere to run.

Radha explains that there is no reason to worry as she is fine, Mohan replies that she was trapped in the freezer for a whole night so she gets tensed, Radha replies that she actually had everyone with her, Ketki asks if it was their love or someone special , ha gets nervous along with Mohan who starts getting nervous so he asks Ketki to stop. Mohan says he knows it’s not the right time and Radha doesn’t want to talk about the incident, he says it’s important for him to know how Radha got there. Kadambari turns to look at Radha who is looking at Damini and Kaveri, both of them are very worried thinking that Radha will surely tell the truth, Radha is furious while Damini and Kaveri are really worried.

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