Saavi Ki Savaari 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sonam and Manav join hands for conspiracy

Saavi Ki Savaari 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vedika asking Sonam to support Raksham and not put him down in front of everyone like you once did. Sonam says how will I talk to my husband, everyone will have an opinion about it. Then he says sorry and says I didn’t mean it. She says I couldn’t see Raksham’s condition and asks if he can go to her house to clear his mind. Vdika asks him to go. Sonam leaves. Vedika thinks I don’t expect anything from you, she just hopes that you will become a good wife for Raksham. Ananya comes to Saavi and gives her black clips. Saavi asks if it will match the white dress. Ananya says yes. Saavi asks her to see if it matches her dress. Ananya asks who is she going to meet and says she felt she is talking to Sonam. Saavi says I will tell you later. Ratna tells Nutan that it seems Saavi has found out about Ravi Bhai Saheb. Nutan says we will talk to her. Ratna says not now. Sonam comes to their house and tells Manav that Nityam will propose Saavi and he has booked the farm to propose her and made all the decorations for her. She says that she saw the beloved boy with a smile on his face. She says she will be happy that Nityam is finally making efforts but. Manav says he will not let this happen.

Nityam asks the decorator to decorate the farmhouse with mogra flowers and says they don’t have much time. He sits on the chair and starts threading the mangalsutra beads. Saavi comes to Sonam and asks if anyone is coming. Sonam asks are you going somewhere. Saavi says I will tell you after reaching home. Ravi comes there and asks if anyone is there, to welcome me with thaal etc. Manav touches his feet. Saavi asks Manav why didn’t you tell me uncle is coming. She asks him if he has any problem coming. Ravi says she is still the same. Brijesh asks her to hug him. Ravi hugs him and is about to tell about their alliance but Manav stops him. Sonam asks her to make tea and smiles. Ravi says even I heard about tea. Saavi goes to make tea and puts sugar and tea in the bowl. She asks Sonam to slip it and give it to everyone. Sonam says Manav is doing so much for us and asks him to wait for some time. Nityam does the mangalsutra well and tells her that she wants to tell Saavi that she wants her and her little nose every birth. Manav asks Saavi to make moong dal pakoda. Saavi looked at him. Ravi says I will taste and tell. Sonam takes out Saavi’s sim and scratches the tea dye so that the sim doesn’t work. Nityam eagerly waits for Saavi and says you are always late, I can’t wait for more, I love you. Sonam asks Saavi to make pakodas and says she made chutney. Nityam calls Saavi but her phone is unreachable. Saavi goes to give them pakodas. Sonam calls Nityam from her phone and asks her to tell Raksham and Maa that she will be late. She tells Nityam that she doesn’t want to hurt him as someone has come here. She ends the call. Nityam calls her and asks her to say that he is his friend. Sonam says Manav’s father Ravi has come to fix Saavi and Manav’s alliance. Nityam laughs and says our divorce didn’t happen till now. Sonam says Manav is in love and these formalities don’t matter to him. Nityam says you have a misunderstanding and ends the call.

Saavi gives pakodas to Ravi and tries to call Nityam. Nityam calls her too. Saavi realizes that her phone is not working. Ravi says Saavi and Manav will get married as soon as possible and says Jodi was made by bholenath. Nutan says it’s too early now. Ravi says I understand your concern but I am a father and I couldn’t stop myself and brought shagun stuff. He says I will give them shagun stuff later. Sonam says if uncle Ravi wants to give something to Saavi then I don’t think he will refuse and says we will think about her happiness too. Saavi takes Ananya’s phone and calls Nityam. Nityam thinks she can’t give up so quickly and calls Saavi. Ravi asks Nutan if I can give this. Nutan says ok. Ravi gives a gift to Saavi. Sonam takes the photo and sends it to Nityam.

Precap: Saavi reaches there very late and rejoices. She enjoys seeing the fireflies. She asks did you do this for me. Nityam drinks wine. He accuses her of holding Manav’s hand and asks her to go to Manav Jain. He says you are two timers. Saavi says because of your ego and anger, you couldn’t understand this… and says goodbye to Mr. Dalmia.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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