Sapno Ki Chhalaang 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vaishali represents Preeti

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone worried for Radhika. Jairam asks why did she go to police station, she is not safe there, no one should know this. Suman cries. Radhe asks her not to worry. Suman says Radhika was telling me everything. He calls Radhika and asks her to stay away from Preeti. She says see what happened today, nothing is imp for me but your safety. Radhika says Preeti is my friend, when I came here, she took care of me, how can I leave her alone. Suman says you should not get involved in her problems. Radhika says her family left her, we are her family. Suman says she is your family, we are nothing, I want you to be safe, don’t stay there, find another place.

Radhika says I can’t leave Preeti alone, why do you feel I am not worried for you all, this was a devil, I thought you will support me. Suman says I supported you, I told everyone that nothing will go wrong, you are worried for Preeti, you don’t value your family, I will be worried for you till you stay in that house, do whatever you want. Suman cries. Jazz says Preeti shouldn’t stay here. Vaishali says we were fighting for Preeti and you locked the room. Jazz says I was terrified, Preeti is not my friend, why would I come. Vaishali says I am your friend, I was also outside. Preeti says you and your mom have this problem because of me. Radhika says no. Vaishali says Jazz has lost her completely. Preeti says it is happening because of me. Radhika says no, don’t blame yourself.

Suman says you were scared for this and didn’t want to send Radhika to Mumbai, I fought with everyone and sent her, she didn’t care about me today, she is changing. Radhe consoles her. It is morning, Radhika is texting Suman. The bell rings. Sree asks Preeti not to worry. Ishaan comes home. He called Vaishali. He says so much happened here and you didn’t inform me, couples fight, that doesn’t mean you won’t inform me about villains. Vaishali says it happened in a hurry. He says if something happened to you. She says I am fine. He asks how can you be so careless, I am worried for you, think about Jazz, she came here to stay because of me, she was so scared. Sree says she locked herself in the room, she was hiding inside. He says you mean everyone should fight like you, you want to judge her? Sree says she could have called police or you, she ignored us, we were crying. Jazz says I can’t take this anymore. Radhika says I didn’t talk to you rudely. Ishaan says I came here to talk to Vaishali. argues Sree. Vaishali says Radhika, sorry, she is my friend now, views change, we stay together and bond now. Radhika smiles. She says Jazz, we know you got scared and hid inside, but we didn’t know this would happen. Jazz says you knew this could happen, you could have warned us. Radhika says I didn’t know. Jazz says there’s no point in putting us in danger. Preeti cries. She says so bad. Sree says no, stop saying sorry. Radhika says its not your fault. Ishaan says it is not Preeti’s fault but your fault keeping Preeti here, it is risky. Radhika taunts him.

She says Preeti came to us to get help, we will make her go. Ishaan says I will worry about my friend and my friend. Vaishali says enough, I can’t refuse to help Preeti in this crisis, Preeti is my friend, like you worry about Jazz, I worry about Preeti, we don’t share rent, we share joy and sorrow, Jazz you they could have called the police or Ishaan. Jazz says I am your true friend, I care for you, Preeti is selfish. Radhika says the one who is in trouble is a true friend. Ishaan asks Vaishali to decide, either Jazz and her can stay or Preeti will stay. Sree says Preeti and Vaishali will not go anywhere. He asks Vaishali and Jazz to pack their bags and leave the place. He asks her to choose either friendship or love. Preeti asks Vaishali not to spoil her life. Vaishali is walking.

Suman burnt his hand. Gomti cares for her. She asks Suman to explain to Radhika. She says I trust Radhika, she will understand. Vaishali takes the bags and keeps them at the door. Ishaan says good decision. He asks Jazz to come. Jazz says it’s my luggage. Vaishali says you don’t feel safe here, you have problem with everyone, leave here. Ishaan asks how dare you say this. She says enough, you can’t decide for me, you can’t insult me ​​and my friends, you love me, my friends and my opinion should matter to you, I love my friends, you have no idea, Jazz throws a lot of tantrums. Jazz asks what. Vaishali says yes, zero empathy, I and Preeti are not going, Jazz will go. Sree becomes happy. Vaishali says just go, its your wish, I wont worry now, I just finished. She goes to her room. Ishaan asks Jazz to come. Sree closes the door. She says Jazz is missing. Preeti says Vaishali is hurt. Sree says we will see. Radhika says I m late to office, be with Vaishali, call me if anything. She calls Suman.

Reena is getting married. Radhe asks Radhika if she knew about Reena and Anshuman. Reena’s father blames Radhika.

Credit update to: Amena

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