Shiv Shakti (Colours) 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narayan says Asuras fear their future and this is the result. He says whoever cut the kaal, cannot cut this darkness. Surya dev is in bad condition. Rahu says you cannot be saved now, I am the ruler of this universe now. Nandi and Shivgann ask Sati if she is afraid of the dark. Sati says no and asks them to say har har mahadev. Shiv comes to Surya Dev. Rahu says that he has absorbed the light and is responsible for Surya Graham. He says even you can’t do anything as I have taken amrit. Shiv says I don’t know whether I will laugh at you or get angry and tells him that he drank amrit, not his qualities. He tells her that human and animal lives are in danger due to darkness and asks her to shift her affection from Surya. Rahu refuses and says he is entitled to everything now. Shiv says the person becomes great with his tapasya and says Surya burns and gives life to everyone. He says whoever gives tap and tyaag, will have light like Surya Dev. Rahu says he has become Suryaheen.

Shiv asks Rahu if you got the light you snatched from him. He says Surya dev got a teaching for his ego and says Rahu is needed to stabilize Devtas too. He says he won’t help him until he helps himself. Rahu asks if it is really Mahadev who asks me to leave Surya Dev. Shiv asks do you think there is nothing we can do. He tells Surya dev that whoever has ego, that person’s ego will be broken and asks Surya Dev to attack Rahu with his inner light and save himself from this grahan. He asks Surya Dev to get up. Surya Dev says har har mahadev and stands up.

Surya Dev rises and breaks the eclipse with his inner power and light. Rahu spat out the light he had swallowed with his mouth. The place lights up again with Surya dev gaining his powers. Everyone is happy. Rahu tells Mahadev that he cheated him. Shiv reminds him that anyone can become immortal by drinking amrit, but cannot become fit for worship. Rahu says whenever he gets a chance then he will get Surya. Shiv says the time is called Surya grahan.

Shiv’s Message: Shiv says the person’s behavior will be light as water.

Precap: Rishi says that a drop of halahal fell on Prayagraj and that is why some destruction happened. He asks them to make the havan from Mahadev’s hands. Daksh gets angry.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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