Stars of ‘The Full Monty’ preview What’s in store for the Sheffield team 25 years on

this was more than 25 years since then The Full Monty The team revealed it all for the entertainment of the citizens of Sheffield, and now they’re back, a little older and no wiser than they were, in FX’s newly released limited series.

Among the original team back on screen are Gaz (Robert Carlyle), Dave (Mark Addy) and Jean (Lesley Sharp), who are still dealing with the day-to-day challenges they face in a city where strife still abounds . Below, we break down all the necessary details about their stories as you prepare to dive back into the Simon Beaufoy-led film.

Gaz gets more involved

Robert Carlyle and Talitha Wing in

(Credit: Ben Blackall/FX)

As fans of the original film will remember, Gaz struggled to give his son Nathan (Wim Snape, also back!) the life he deserved, stripping as a way to make ends meet. Now that Nathan has grown up, Gaz is grandfather to Ben (Lewis Wheele) and father to Destiny (Aripa Talitha), who has her father’s spirit. “Gaz is like a child,” Carlyle points out.

“When you look back at the film, Nathan was like an adult. And it’s a similar relationship with Destiny. It’s almost like Destiny is in charge.” She is initially indifferent to her father, partly because, as Carlyle points out, “(Gaz) hasn’t had much to do with Destiny for most of her life. There’s a lot of pathos in that.” It creates a solid foundation for their story and father-daughter relationship to grow. “The relationship between these two is wonderfully defined,” muses Carlyle. “I think much more defined than it was with Nathan.”

Dave has nothing to do with it

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(Credit: Ben Blackall/FX)

Now working at the local school, Dave connects with the young people of Sheffield and keeps in touch with old friends outside of work, but things are not so easy between him and Jean. The couple who seemed to have overcome the obstacles in their marriage during the film hit a few bumps in the years between then and now. “Their relationship deteriorated over time,” Addy explains. “Dave is one of those guys who, rather than face reality, it’s easier for him to go to the shed and get on with the work he wants to do and put it out of his mind, out of his mind. So nothing was ever resolved.”

The explanations behind their fracture are heartbreaking, but too much of a spoiler to reveal before I tune in with you. As Addy says, “In the movie, they represented a brighter future. This bright future faces testing times.” But as Addy points out, “Never lose hope. They have an opportunity to try to rebuild.”

Jean under pressure

Lesley Sharp and Mark Addy in 'The Full Monty'

(Credit: Ben Blackall/FX)

While Dave and Jean’s marriage has been through a lot in the intervening years, so has her career. Now headteacher of a school in Sheffield, Jean has a lot on her plate. With a limited budget, buildings in disrepair and students in crisis, there is a lot to be done. “She was Dave’s support in the movie and now Dave was her support and she runs a school. So it’s amazing. It’s fantastic, but it doesn’t come without a cost, as Dave and Jean’s marriage and their emotional connection started to fall apart,” explains Sharp.

In addition to affecting her marriage, the role also affects her friendships, one of which is her bond with one of the school’s teachers. With great power comes heavy responsibilities, such as cutting the budget wherever necessary to keep the building running, even at the expense of a friend. How will it all shake out? Stream the series now on Hulu.

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