Suhaagan 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update Payal Hurts Bindiya

Suhaagan 15th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Bindiya thinking she didn’t read the chart and starts reading while working. Payal comes behind Amy to befriend her. He looks at her and asks her about her headphones. Amy says it’s wireless. Bindiya sees Payal and calls her. Payal thinks if Amy sees this Mason then she won’t befriend me. Amy asks if you’re from town. Payal says yes. She asks you why you came here? Tell Amy how mom wanted. Bindiya calls her. Amy asks if you know her. Payal says I don’t know her. Bindiya is hurt. Amy thinks she’s lit a fire between them and leaves. Payal goes behind Bindiya asking her to listen. Bindiya refuses to talk to her. Amy comes home. Phoolmati comes in front of her. Amy tells her that Payal refused to recognize Bindiya as her sister. Phoolmati says Payal is always selfish and says she will light the fire between them from far. Amy says she’ll do her job. Payal tries to talk to Bindiya. Bindiya asks why he felt ashamed to identify her. She asks if you refused to identify yourself when you fell into the pit. Payal says she saw her with the stinky pram and that’s why she said that. Bindiya forgives her.

Phoolmati tells Rose/Amy that they will split the girls now. She says that day you read about British divide and rule. She says we will divide them and one day they will say they don’t know each other. She says Payal will be happy with good clothes and other things. He gets Bhim’s phone and leaves. Bindiya comes to Lallan and gives him 300 lei. She asks him to start the water supply. Lallan asks him to give 200 lei. more and says that once everyone gives another 200 lei, the supply will start. Payal thinks she can’t copy Amy’s style. He thinks about feeding his food and befriending it. Bindiya comes to master ji’s house. Master ji asks what happened, all her answers are wrong. Bindiya shares her problem with him. He requests them to approach the Zila Parishad. Phoolmati comes to Rose and tells her about the plan, but Rose doesn’t hear her and says she will leave from there. Phoolmati gives her ice cream and says Payal might think how to befriend you. Payal comes to Bindiya and asks for Rs.100. Bindiya says 100. Payal 50 and then says 10. Bindiya says she had no money. She says she gave Lallan money for the water supply. Payal says she won’t give her money after she grows up.

Precap: Bindiya comes to complain to the Zilla Parish Officer. She sees Madan and he tells her that he met the officer with an accident and Lallan and he will disturb her.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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