Suhaagan 21st June 2023 Episode Written Update: Phoolmati exposes Payal in front of the villagers

Suhaagan 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bindiya being felicitated by the villagers for solving the water problem. Amy takes the video of Payal stealing the teacher’s phone. He then calls Phoolmati and tells her that Payal has stolen the teacher’s wallet. Phoolmati says you made her a thief. Amy says she made the video in HD quality. Phoolmati says what will Bindiya do. Master ji asks Payal what she is doing as she comes to the mobile shop to buy the mobile. He says you were roaming outside yesterday and even today. Payal says she was going home. He is thinking of buying a phone later. Amy comes to the teacher and asks if she is looking for something. The teacher says he’s looking for his wallet. Amy asks if he had any money. The teacher says yes, he got his salary yesterday. Amy says your wallet might have been stolen and asks her to spread the word in the village that your wallet was stolen. She says she will help her and spread this to everyone. The teacher says ok. Amy says you and your wallet are weird.

Bindiya comes home happily and shows garlands to Dadi. She says Lallan and Madan’s gundagiri is over. She says I can’t trust even now. Dadi says I trust you and say whatever you think, you will do. She tells Dadi that today is a big day for her but Payal is angry with her. She says she has to go convince her. Dadi says its good you will get an award. Bindiya comes to Payal and tries to convince her. She says she will get her cell phone. Payal says she doesn’t need him now and congratulates them. She says tomorrow all villagers will give you award, I am happy. Amy says the same to Phoolmati. Phoolmati claps her hands and says one sister will be rewarded and the other will be humiliated and she is waiting for this day. Payal thinks to buy the phone and prove to Amy that she can buy the phone. He is getting ready to go to school. Bindiya asks her not to go to school. Payal says she has to go to school today and asks her to wear pink color dress. She comes to the mobile phone shop and asks the salesperson to give her the phone. The merchant asks her where she got so much money. Payal says he saved her. He says he knows Bindiya is working hard and earning money. Payal gives him 2000 lei. He sees more money with her and becomes suspicious. He says the teacher’s wallet was stolen yesterday. Payal sits down and sees someone.

Sarpanch asks Bindiya to take her prize. It asks if you don’t want this fan. Bindiya says its not like that and asks if we can wait for Payal. Sarpanch says we can’t make everyone wait and asks her to take it. Bindiya takes the fan. Everyone cheers for Bindiya. Payal comes there. says Bindiya Pallu. Bindiya sees Phoolmati bringing Payal with an evil smile on her face. Bindiya asks what happened? The villager asks why Phoolmati came here by changing her avatar. Bindiya asks Payal if Bua did something. Payal hugs Bindiya. Phoolmati says I didn’t do anything and says today you might be very happy. Sarpanch says you didn’t improve even after going to jail. Phoolmati says you will be in jail. She tells him that Payal stole things again and again. Payal says he is lying. Phoolmati names her daughter Rose. Payal is shocked and says Amy…you lied to me. Rose asks if I told you I’m not Rose. She shows Payal’s video to everyone in her new tab. Phoolmati shows it to everyone. Phoolmati and Rose smile.

The teacher asks Amy, why didn’t you tell me before? Phoolmati says she wanted to expose Payal in front of everyone. Payal says Amy asked her to steal. Phoolmati says you made her happy and says Bindiya must have asked you to steal. Bindiya says I can never think of stealing things. Phoolmati says I told Panchayat not to leave ill-mannered girls in Amma’s charge and says not 10 days passed and she started stealing. She mocks Dadi for her upbringing and asks Bindiya to tell. She asks the villagers to say and says I am bored talking to myself. She asks what do you think Bindiya can manage her expenses. She asks them to punish Payal at least. The village asks the Sarpanch to punish Payal. Another villager says that if she stays in jail for 2 days, then she will become honest.

Precap: Payal blames Bindiya for not taking her phone and making her a thief. Bindiya then asks why are you staying with me. Payal says let’s break up.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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