Swag that will have “The Flash” fans running to the store

I guess it’s no flash in the pan, right?

With CWhis version flash Having just completed its nine seasons and the big screen version starring Ezra Miller as the Fastest Man Alive hitting theaters this week, it’s a great time to be a fan of the DC Comics hero. And it makes sense. The guy isn’t your average moody, shadow-dwelling loner, nor is he an angry billionaire or even an alien with (let’s face it) a bit of a god complex. No, Barry Allen is a good kid doing the best he can with the superpowers he was given without his consent. He also managed to get Michael Keaton back in his old batsuit for the film, which really earns him points here.

And since when flash fans have had nearly a decade to stock up on Grant Gustin goodies, now’s the time to start figuring out what movie-inspired merchandise you want to get your hands on. So make like most STAR Labs employees and forget you have a real job to check out some of our favorite Flash items flooding the market.

The Flash Movie Bat with 12-inch figure

Batman and Batwing Set

Fly high with Target’s exclusive Batman and Batwing set, featuring a 12-inch Batman action figure and a 27-inch wide Batwing vehicle. (Ages: 3+)

$39.99 – Target

Flash Batman Statue

Batman scale figure

Collectibles manufacturer McFarlane Toys has some incredibly detailed and scaled figures of Batman, Supergirl, The Flash and more, as well as statues. Check Target.com and DC Direct for availability.

$39.99 – Target

The Flash Small Plush Package - No package included

Plus “The Flash”.

From Just Play, The Flash Small Plus Pack includes 7-inch Scarlet Speedster, Batman and Supergirl soft toys. (Ages 3+)

$19.99 $17.30 – Amazon

The Flash Backpack from Hot Topic

Bioworld backpack

Save the future and the past – and watch yourself doing it – with Bioworldhis clothing collection including backpacks, sling bags and snapback hats.

$47.90 – Hot topic



Jewelry from We have sinned includes a variety of items that pay homage to our hero’s signature lightning.bolt emblem. Featuring rings, earrings, pins and necklaces, the collection is available at retailers including Hot Topic, EB Games and Amazon.

$75.00 – DC Shop

The Flash - Supergirl Barbie

Supergirl Barbie

Sasha Calle’s take on DC Comics’ favorite Kryptonian cousin, Dark HardHe, takes to the skies with Mattel’s salute to Supergirl in her iconic red and blue costume with the legendary SShield shown in bold. Fully articulated and ready to save the day!

$55.00 – Amazon

The Flash - Socks

Scarlet Speedster Socks

You may not be able to run as fast as Barry Allen, but you can run with him in these Sideplot doozies, which also come in Batman and Supergirl designs. And to be honest, it looks great in whatever timeline you’re on.

$19.99 – Rock Em Socks

Flash sign

Hallmark Commemorative Ornament

Forget holiday red and green…deck the halls in Barry’s red and gold mid-sprint from the people who know how to make the holidays sparkle!

$19.99 – Bookmark

swag that will have “the flash” fans running to the store

Funko Pops!

No superhero movie is complete without Funko’s ubiquitous and eminently collectible salutes to the good guys, their greatest villains, and even some of the most memorable moments from their adventures. And flash the movie collection is no different: the lineup includes different versions of The Flash, as well as Wonder Woman, General Zod, a couple Barry Allens, Supergirl, Iris West and Batman. And of course, keep an eye out for those exclusive drops too!

$12.99 $9.00 – Amazon

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