The Knights of the Zodiac DVD release date has been confirmed for July 2023

DVD release date for Knights of the Zodiac has been officially confirmed. When can you own it on DVD and pre-order it through Amazon?

Busier theaters mean a busy summer when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray releases. July is shaping up to be a great month. There is another movie added to the list of options to buy. Is about Knights of the Zodiac.

This was one of the smaller releases of May 2023. It follows a young orphan who discovers that she is now the embodiment of a goddess. This causes Seiya, the Pegasus Knight, to come to protect this young woman, doing whatever it takes to save the world. However, if he is to become a Knight of the Zodiac, he will have to deal with the horrors of his own past.

Knights of the Zodiac DVD Release Date

The film’s official release date is Tuesday, July 11. This is when we expected it to appear on DVD and Blu-ray. Being a movie produced in Japan, it was a little harder to make a prediction about it.

You can pre-order Knights of the Zodiac on Amazon right now. This is a great way to get the lowest price until the release date as you get the price guarantee. In some even better news, you can get it with free shipping with Amazon Prime.

What if you just want to watch Digital? When will the movie be released in this format? There is not long to wait. Achieve Knights of the Zodiac on Digital on Tuesday, June 27. Again, you can pre-order it on Amazon so it’s added to your Library as soon as it’s available.

Knights of the Zodiac is out on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, July 11.

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