Them season 2 coming to Prime Video in 2023?

Our eyes are on any kind of news about Their Season 2. Could we see the new season arriving in 2023? Here’s what we know so far.

We know very little about Their Season 2 so far. TVLine asked for any information about the horror anthology series, but came back with nothing to report. No one shares even a rough season for the season release.

Any chance we’ll see the season arrive sometime this year? We’re looking at the odds of this based on potential filming delays.

Season 2 of Them could premiere in 2023

There is a chance that the second season will arrive sometime this year. Conformable Midgard Timesfilming for the season ended in December 2022. This means the series will now be in post-production.

The strike does not affect post-production. At least not yet. That could change as SA-AFTRA contract negotiations draw to a close. There is a chance that SAG will have a union-wide strike in July. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on it.

However, as of now, things are looking good for the second season to arrive sometime this year. It would make a lot of sense for Amazon to set up the show for the fall now. An October release date would be perfect for the horror series. Additionally, having current content might be in the best interest of streamers right now. The warning does not affect content at this time, but will affect content available until the end of the year.

We will see something like the pandemic. While broadcast networks were immediately affected, streamers were affected about six to eight months later as their content inventory ended.

Their Season 1 is available to stream Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest Season 2 news.

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