Where to stream Hijack online: Is Hijack on Amazon?

Hijack is a new series starring Idris Elba that you will have to watch. Will you be able to stream the series on Amazon in any way?

If you loved the road 24 years The story is finished, you will be interested to watch Hijack. The series is told in real time over the course of a seven-hour flight.

The flight is hijacked. Elba’s character is a normal human who happens to have the gift of the cabinet. He must use this to help the flight back into the right hands while the people on the ground do everything they can to save the passengers and crew.

It’s a high intensity drama and there’s no doubt you want to watch it. The question is where will you have to go to stream it online.

Is Hijacked on Prime Video?

We start this post with bad news. The series is not coming to Prime Video.

This is an Apple TV+ Series Original, so there’s only one place it will air online. It will be on Apple TV+. There is no need for Apple and Amazon to share content. While there are many other streaming platforms, both companies have other ways to make money, and streaming is only part of the package.

Is Amazon Video Hijacked?

However, there is another way to watch content on Amazon. Instead of streaming, there is the option to buy shows and movies on Digital. This makes them available in your Amazon library through Amazon Instant Video.

We have more bad news. It is highly unlikely that Hijack it will head to Amazon Instant Video or any other digital platform. Apple TV+ Originals remain exclusive to Apple TV+. With so many streaming platforms, it doesn’t make sense to release content online any other way.

Hijack is available to stream on Apple TV+.

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