Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun doesn’t want to marry Kashvi?

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat does not agree with Kashvi and Arjun’s marriage and says that they will marry Mahima to Arjun once Mahima returns, but he cannot let Kashvi pay for Mahima’s mistake. He takes Kashvi from there. Nayan prays to God for help. Sam tells Kashvi that he knows she loves Arjun and he also knows she doesn’t, maybe she will agree to marry Arjun under everyone’s pressure but he can’t let her ruin his life like this. He gets Pradyuman’s call and leaves. Kashvi notices Daadi trying to cut her wrist as she failed to protect the dignity of the Sabharwal family. She rushes and stops Daadi and asks her to control herself. Daadi apologizes to Kashvi for trying to force her to marry Arjun, says Sam and Nayan are right that they can’t let Kashvi suffer for Mahima’s mistakes. Kashvi returns to Jagdish and agrees to marry Arjun. She says very few children get the chance to save their parent’s dignity and she won’t back down when given the chance.

Jagadish thanks Kashvi for saving their dignity. Nitya hugs Kashvi and says she doesn’t have to apologize to him and they are grateful to her that she wants to marry Arjun. Arjun says he doesn’t want to marry Kashvi.

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