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Sunsets and Summits: China in Silhouette


Temple of Heaven, Beijing

After the success of last week’s Hong Kong in silhouette series, I thought it was about time I gave my China photos a little more blog time after a couple of months of neglect. I may not have finally made the move to the mainland just yet, but after returning almost every chance I’ve had over the past few years, on more than a dozen trips, I’ve managed to build up a decent little collection (of around 3000 pictures) to dig into when I feel the need.

We’ve got photos from Beijing, Yangshuo, Sichuan and Hangzhou here, as well as a couple from China’s most famous two mountains, Taishan and Huangshan. My most recent trip, to Guangxi Province, saw me risk instant death-by-lightning-strike on the banks of the Li River to get the second shot in this collection. Standing in an open space next to a large body of water, using electronic equipment mounted on an aluminium tripod, is not something I hope I will be stupid enough to ever try again. But I just couldn’t stay sheltering in my cave while all those pyrotechnics were getting away with not being photographed.


Sunset and Pagoda, West Lake, Hangzhou


Lanterns on West Lake

West Lake in Hangzhou has given some good times and plenty of photos over the past year or so. I’m a sucker for a good sunset silhouette and make no apologies for it. While my love of climbing Chinese mountains for my customary sunrise-over-sea-of-clouds shot will probably never die.

There were more I could have chosen, but no more and no less than ten is the rule. Hopefully Part 2 will be worth the wait. Enjoy!

Prints & Downloads: All photos are available as prints and licensed downloads via the galleries section.

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Sunset on Golden Summit, Emei Shan, Sichuan Province


Lightning on the Li River, Yangshuo


Huangshan, Anhui Province


Taishan, Shandong Province

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