Ajooni 25th July 2023 Episode Written Update: Ravindra is upset with Rajveer’s childish behavior

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Scene 1
Dolly tells the family that Ajooni threw hot food at her. Ajooni tells Rajveer that she is lying, she did it herself. Dolly says why would I burn myself? she asks Rajveer to stop blaming others and see how wrong his wife is now. Rajveer says don’t tell me who is wrong. Bebe tells Rajveer not to protect his wife blindly. Ravindra reaches there and asks what is happening? Bebe says you gave the throne to this fool who keeps protecting his wife, he will say he wants to leave the throne now. Ravindra what is he saying? Rajveer says Harvindare keeps fighting with me since I got the throne and Dolly keeps trying to harm Ajooni.. if the family is not happy then I better step back from the throne. Everyone look.

Harvindar and Shikha come to the teachers house. He says it is locked, I m sure Ravindra and teacher are same people. A neighbor passes by so Shikha stops him and asks when will the teacher be back? says he should be back from his village by evening, leaves. Harvindar says I don’t trust anything. Shikha asks him to go home and keep an eye on Ravindra. I will stay here and wait for the teacher to see if they are the same men or not. Harvindar says ok and leaves from there.

Ravindra scolds Rajveer and says you can’t back down from the throne, how can you run away from your responsibilities as a boy? these are small issues and you want to leave the throne because of them? you just need to be with everyone but you keep running behind your wife. I trusted you so much, but you insult my trust. I keep thinking if I made a mistake choosing you. If you keep talking about it, then I won’t spare you. Rajveer nods and leaves. Ravindra scolds Dolly and asks her to stop plotting against Ajooni. Dolly storms off.

Ravindra remembers about Rajveer’s words and is furious. Harvindar comes there and is shocked to see him there. He calls Shikha and says she is here, teacher is missing right? Shikha is shocked to see the teacher returning home with his daughter. She smiles and tells Harvindar that he is here so it means they are two different people. Harvindar is surprised.

Scene 2
Dolly is angry and says Rajveer always saves Ajooni but I will teach him a lesson soon.

The teacher gives milk to Cheeko’s daughter and asks if she liked the park? she says a lot. Cheeko asks whose house is it? say this is my father’s house, I was brought up here as a child.

Harvindar meets Shikha and asks if she is sure that she saw the teacher? she says i’m sure. Shikha’s father says what is the guarantee that the teacher will be ready to work for you? Shikha says she has to because of my plan.

The teacher meets a debt collector. Debt recovery says you know this house is in debt, you have to pay 10 lacs in a month. The teacher says I can’t get that much money in a month. The collector says I don’t care and don’t forget you should protect your daughter, he leaves. The teacher is angry.

Shikha tells Harvindar that I am sure he will come. The bell rings and everyone is surprised to see the teacher there.

Aman is cooking in the kitchen, Dolly comes there and asks what is she doing? Aman says I am doing mehndi for Ajooni. Dolly sends her to check the phone and mixes something in the mehndi. Aman comes back and says my phone is not ringing. Harman comes there and says you should apply this mehndi in my hair, says Dolly but this is for Ajooni. Harman says I will get more mehndi for Ajooni, she takes mehndi from there.

PRECAP – Aman applies mehndi to Harman’s hair and it all sticks together. Ajooni comes there and checks, she says there is glue in mehndi. Harman is shocked.

Credit update to: Atiba

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