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Hong Kong Vanity Plates: Series 7

Yet more vehicular vanity on the streets of Hong Kong

Purrs like a kitten

Purrs like a kitten

It’s been a while, but after the short, sharp waste of twenty minutes that was The Hong Kong Vanity Plate Challenge, we’re back to rather less obsessive matters this time around.

Though I admit my radar has been a little lacking of late, my Hong Kong wanderings are still turning up the usual licence plate lunacy with fairly alarming regularity. This latest ten may not display the baffling absurdity of series past (DONKEY in series 6 is one that immediately springs to mind), but I think it does still demonstrate that even if what was once bizarre has now somehow become the norm, it is clearly no less bizarre and no more normal for it.

This more subtle collection then, starts off with a brief adjective + animal theme, touches on a little bit of Japanese, before moving straight on with the seemingly random arrangement of words and letters that we’ve grown to know and love. We’re already up to 80 different plates after just shy of three months. Number 100 is out there somewhere. The hunt continues …

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