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Nice Car? No Taste? Get yourself some vanity plates

Hong Kong’s personalised licence plate extravaganza

White Porsche with number plate 'Yes Boss', South Island, Hong Kong

… no Boss, three bags full Boss

So you’ve bought yourself a brand new car. You’ve dreamt about it for months, caressed the brochures, settled into comfy leather in the showroom, and now it’s yours to whizz about in and give everyone a look.

But this is Hong Kong we’re talking about. You know you’re not the only one that’ll soon be whizzing round. You know that there’ll be other shiny newboughts craving just as much attention. So what to do?

Well, since you surely haven’t spent all that brochure-time and hard-earned money not to get looked at, you’re going to need a little extra. You’re going to need that little trick to catch the eye and draw the pointing fingers before you can roar off in the cloud of self-satisfaction you deserve. And since we’re in Hong Kong, all you need to do is find the combination of letters that spells the most ridiculous juxtaposition of words to adorn your new $400,000 growling beast, and you’re good to go. At the very least, you know that if you drive around Causeway Bay long enough, you’re more than likely to find your baby featured on a little-read blog for the amusement of a discerning few.

Living two minutes from Times Square, it often seems you’re the exception to the rule if you don’t have a personalised number plate. All those drivers waiting for rich shoppers. All those rich shoppers with more money than they can think how to spend. I walked out of my door yesterday knowing I needed three more photos to complete the ten for this post, and I’d seen five personalised number plates before I got to the end of the street. Half an hour later, after waiting for something more ridiculous each time, I was done.

What conclusions can be drawn from this? There are three, I think: 1) white cars are popular; 2) big white cars are the most popular; and 3) the art of twattery knows no bounds.

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Get Involved: If you’ve seen, or you have photographic evidence of anything better, you can get in touch and upload that evidence in the comments section below. Enjoy!



  1. Over 5,000 HK license plates here: https://facebook.com/Hong.Kong.Vanity.Plates – growing all the time, sorted by theme in photo albums – BIG MAC is there in the Food and Drink album. Contributions very much welcomed, over 100 people added the ones there so far.

  2. I have a pic of an orange Mclaren with the plate XP. Email me if you want it…

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