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Hong Kong Vanity Plates: Series 4

Another ten number plates that will leave you asking ‘Why?’

taxi hong kong personalised licence plate

Taxi – vanity plate royalty

Is this the best selection of Hong Kong licence plates yet? I think it just might be. HOLE IN I from Series 3 was pretty good. But when you know there’s a taxi driving around town with a personalised number plate that says TAXI on it, you know you can’t rest until you’ve seen it.

Of all the taxis on the roads of Hong Kong at any one time, to be in the same place as one taxi in particular at one particular time, I hadn’t expected I’d see this one until I was at least up to Series 50, let alone Series 4. Yet here it is in all its glory.

I did a bit of research on the Hong Kong Transport Department website and found that the TAXI number plate sold at the 19th July auction in 2008 for … wait for it … HK$75,000. That’s a lot of trips to Central and back.

I’m still waiting to see BIG MAC and TOM CRUZ again, hopefully this time when I have my camera, but for now, I’m happy to cross one of the vanity plate kings off my must-see list.

Click the images to see the captions.

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