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Hoover Cake Shop, Kowloon City

King of Bakeries


Hoover Cake Shop, Kowloon City

For the Love of Mochis

There must be something special about a bakery if you are prepared to travel all the way from Jordan to Kowloon City for no other reason than to pay it a visit. Maybe it’s that special something that you can’t find anywhere else. Maybe it’s the way they make that favourite thing of yours that leaves every other bakery wanting. All I know, is that Hoover Cake Shop (豪華餅店) is both of these things and more.

Nowhere in Hong Kong have I found a mango mochi as good as the ones at Hoover. There’s a bakery two minutes from where I live that sells them. It’s the only other place I know of in Hong Kong. But even if there were a dozen bakeries to choose from within walking distance, I’d still be getting on the bus to Kowloon City, so confident am I that Hoover’s mango mochis can’t be beat.

At $7 a pop, they may be $3 more than the ones at my local, but whereas the latter – with their measly mango and their three day-old chewiness – are better than no mochi at all, the ones at Hoover are almost dripping through your fingers, such is their jelly freshness and all the mango within.

With a history of over forty years, Hoover Bakery has become somewhat of a Hong Kong institution for those in the know. I was working at a language centre around the corner when I first stumbled upon it. Then, it was simply that cool little bakery with the nice egg tarts that I went to every Wednesday during my lunch break. Little did I know the esteem in which the place is held or the delights it held within.


Hoover’s mango mochis are the best in town


40 years and still baking

Famous Friends

It’s a cramped old place, with every available bit of space seemingly occupied with cakes, bags of flour, or cake making paraphernalia. But this is exactly what gives it its Old Hong Kong charm. And if the queues of cake lovers stretching out of the door and around the corner are anything to go by, your wait will not be for nothing. If you’re lucky, you may even run into Hong Kong movie legend and alleged regular customer Chow Yun-Fat (hopefully not too fat after all those cakes). Failing that, you’ll have to make do with gazing at the photos of him pinned up amongst the write-ups outside.

It’s not only the mochi’s that people visit Hoover Cake Shop for however. Indeed, maybe more famous are Hoover’s egg tarts. I’m no egg tart connoisseur, but if you get them hot, I have to admit, they are pretty damn good. They make them with duck eggs, apparently, which are said to make for a smoother, tastier, more colourful filling, and while this may or may not just be part of the legend, what isn’t in doubt is that the people just keep coming back for more. They even offer classes so you can learn how how to make your very own baked delights at home. But I’d rather leave the making of my mochis in the capable hands of the experts. I’m happy taking care of the eating.


One of Hoover Cake Shop’s famous egg tarts

Where is Hoover Cake Shop?

Hoover Cake Shop (豪華餅店) is located at 136 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong.

It is open 7 days a week from 6:30am to 11:30pm.

Phone 2382-0383 or check out the website at http://hoovercakeshop.hk/

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Write-ups, price lists and Chow Yun-Fat


Two of everything please

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