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Don Hong-Oai: Photography as Art

Born in Guangzhou in 1929, Don Hong-Oai left China to live in Vietnam at the age of seven after the death of his parents. As a young man, he apprenticed at a photography studio in Saigon, travelling and honing his skills in his spare time. It was here that he became interested in ...

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Rainy Day Chic: Hong Kong in the Rain

If you're anything like me, then being the moderately observant type, you can't help but have noticed that the weather hasn't exactly been sunshiningly lovely of late. In fact, by my rough guestamatics, it's been about twelve days since we last had a day where it didn't piss it down incessantly from morning through to still-raining night.

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Back to Manchester Part II: Imperial War Museum

It was still the day before I returned to Hong Kong after my two weeks back in Manchester, and still I was trying to cram all the photos I'd wanted to take during those two weeks into a single afternoon. After cycling up to Old Trafford for a second consecutive day ...

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The Great Stock Photography Hunt: Part 1

So I was searching for my daily fix of newsly ephemera the other day, waiting for my decrepit laptop to see fit to connect to the BBC Online, when something quite extraordinary happened. Yes, joy of petty joys, after the lights had blinked, the circles had whirled ...

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Why do people go to Suzhou?
Rowing boat on Pingjiang Lu canal, Suzhou, China

Suzhou bills itself as the “Venice of the East,” a moniker my guidebook had referred to as a “hackneyed … chat-up line” that I was unlikely to fall for. It is a town, it continues, that has “had to contend with destruction of its heritage and its replacement with largely arbitrary chunks of ...

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2012: How was it for you?

So the best festival of the year (sorry Chinese New Year) has now been and gone. All those lanterns; all those lights. Tai Hang turned into a smoky vision of hell as the Fire Dragon wound around its streets. Victoria Park turned into a spectacle of burning candles, glowing ninjas, and ...

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Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, Hong Kong

Performed for well over 100 years in the Tai Hang area of Causeway Bay, the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance has grown from a village ritual into one of the most popular events of Hong Kong’s mid-autumn festival celebrations. It is hard to imagine when you visit the area now, but Tai Hang was once ...

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Ten things China wouldn’t be China without
Crowds of tourists entering the Forbidden City, Beijing

There are so many things about China that seem bizarre when compared to life back home that I could be sitting here listing them all night. China wouldn’t be China without the interesting public toilet situation. China wouldn’t be China without instant noodles and Abibas sportswear.

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