Agnisakshi 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update

Agnisakshi 21st June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Narayan asking Rajnandini to give all the details of Jeevika’s accounts. Jeevika says I don’t know if I can take this big responsibility. Narayan says if Jeevika does any mistake then I will be responsible. He says only Jeevika’s face came to his mind when he thought of many faces for the accountant. He asks Jeevika if she will support him. Jeevika nods. Rajnandini is angry. Juhi asks if she is upset that 12th pass will ask for a girl with MBA. She says that Jeevika has not studied the accounts and cannot handle the accounts of crores of Rs. She says Jeevika can do many mistakes when you are there. Rajnandini is happy when an idea comes to her. Satvik tells Jeevika that no one will challenge her in office except him. He says he can’t blame her as she is going along with the boss’s recommendation. He says he is very happy to finally join savitri silks. Jeevika says I don’t know what to take tomorrow, what to wear etc. He asks her to close her eyes, exhale and inhale, then open the box. Jeevika opens her eyes and then opens the box. She says this watch is precious to you. Satvik says it was given to me by Udkarsh dada on my first day of work, which I am giving to you. He says he is proud of her. Jeevika says I don’t know if I deserve this or not and assures that she will try her best. He says he is very happy that she is finally coming to silk Savitri and says he always wanted this. Jeevika asks do you really want me to work there. She says I thought you don’t want me to join. Satvik says you are multi talented and I wanted you to join as a designer but bhabhi stopped me. Jeevika remembers Rajnandini’s words. Satvik says I will fill your water bottle. Jeevika thinks why did Bhabhi lie?

Shlok tells Manas that if Bhabhi goes to office then their office romance can start. Manas says Satvik needs a boost as he is boring. Shlok says he will join to bring them closer. Manas says who will convince uncle? Narayan tells them that Shlok can join the function and will unite Satvik and Jeevika and the name of the mission will be Satvika (Satvik plus Jeevika). He asks Shlok to give him all the updates. Rajnandini comes to the kitchen and asks Jeevika to give her ginger tea. It then asks if it has read the files. Jeevika says she will read after finishing kitchen work. She hesitantly asks her why she said that Satvik doesn’t want her to join the business. Rajnandini says Satvik was very angry with you those days, and if you had come in front of him, then you don’t know what happened. Jeevika believes Rajnandini.

The next day, Jeevika leaves. Rajnandini informs her that today she has the meeting with Sampath. She then asks him to do the work at home before coming to the office. She says she wrote everything down and starts reading. Jeevika says she did all the work. Narayan comes there and says that Jeevika has not forgotten anything since she came here and she has been doing the work since day one. He blesses Rajnandini and Jeevika to prosper the business. Shlok comes there and says lets go. Rajnandini says Jeevika doesn’t go shopping. Shlok says he is coming in office. Narayan says its first day for shlok too and hope Jeevika and shlok don’t have any problem there. Rajnandini asks Jeevika to come with Shlok and leaves. Jeevika prays Bappa to fulfill all his responsibilities. Satvik says your prayers will be fulfilled. Shlok and Manas come there. He teases Satvik and asks if they will go to office together. Satvik asks Jeevika to come.

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