Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Surili decides to leave

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv and Ranimaa arguing. Surili comes and says you shouldn’t hate so much, you destroyed the food, I had done it with love, you could have given it to the poor, sorry but I don’t understand this royal protocol. Ranimaa shouts and says this is my kitchen, which allowed you to enter. Maan says Maa please. Shiva says Maan let her say. Ranimaa was scolding Surili. She says you are Barot, everyone knows about you. She sees the newspaper. She says everyone is blaming me, I didn’t bring you up well you became rebellious Shiv, we were insulted in society, everyone is making fun of us now. Surili asks how did this happen. Ranimaa says this picture was personal, it is in newspaper now, you called the reporter and got married, how much did you sell this picture. Shiv says we don’t know anything. Ranimaa says Surili knows everything, you are blind in her love. He asks her to stop and remember that Surili is the eldest bahu of the palace. Ranimaa says she could be your wife, she is not my Bahu, keep it down, take her away from my sight, it is my son’s marriage, she has no right to tarnish my happiness, keep her away from me and by my family. She becomes shaky. Everyone worries. Maan asks her to sit. Shiv goes after Surili. Ranimaa goes to her room. Ambitai smiles. Surili goes to the room and locks the door. She is crying. Shiv knocks on the door. She says I am talking to Diya, I will just come. Say ok and get off.

Check the newspaper. Surili gets Maasi’s call. She stops crying. She takes the call. She says everything is fine. Maasi asks what is it, tell me. Surili a lie. Sasha teases Surili. Maasi says I don’t like your Saas. Surili says I melted Ranimaa’s heart with love, I am coming to meet you. Maasi really asks, I will be happy. Surili says Shiv is calling me, I have work, I will call later. She ends the call and cries.

Swati reads the newspaper article and tears it in anger. Hari comes and asks how this news leaked. Swati says Surili could have done this, she doesn’t want me to come to that palace, she is insecure and jealous, Ranimaa spoils me a lot. Madhu says no, she will not defame herself. Swati says she turned the story to her side, you defend her. Madhu says no, whoever did this, Hari will find out. Hari nods. Madhu says we will go to palace to ask about it. Swati hugs Hari. Samar pays the money to the reporter and says this is for the next news. She asks him to say. She makes him angry. He asks her out. Veera asks Ranimaa to check the guest list. Surili comes to meet Ranimaa. Veera says you should not have come here. Surili says you gave me 30 days, I lost in 2 days, I am leaving this house tomorrow. The maid hears this and rushes off. Surili says it was my mistake to enter kitchen no your mistake, you threw food in garbage but I made healthy snacks for you, taste once, I am sure you didn’t like to meet me, I was happy to i meet you Ambitai comes and hears them. Ranimaa smiles.

Surili says sorry for my mistakes. Ranimaa stops her. She says you have taken right decision, I have no personal enmity with you, you are not made for this palace, go, I will pray for your happiness. Ambitai leaves. Surili greets Ranimaa and leaves.

Raghu and Shiv argue. Swati accuses Surili. Ranimaa asks Surili to leave. Shiv says I will go too.

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