Agnisakshi June 22, 2023 written episode update

Agnisakshi 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajnandini welcoming Jeevika in the office. An employee comes and asks Rajnandini to take the call. Rajnandini tells Jeevika that she will meet her after the meeting. A staff member throws water on Jeevika as per Rajnandini’s planning. Satvik asks Rajnandini if ​​Jeevika did not come till now. Rajnandini asks him not to worry about her and says if he is so worried then she wouldn’t have let her come here. Satvik says they will take care of her. Shlok asks Satvik to meet her. Satvik gets up to go meet her but Rajnandini asks him to go meet Batras for understanding. She says she will see Jeevika and leaves. Satvik gets worried. Manas tells Satvik that it is clear that he wants to meet Jeevika and not about the deal. Rajnandini comes to Jeevika and scolds the guy for throwing dirty water on her. The guy apologizes to her. Rajnandini says she will fire him. The guy says he’s poor. Jeevika forgives him. Rajnandini and her secretary Nisha smile. Rajnandini asks Jeevika to go change her clothes to resume work. Jeevika is walking. Rajnandini says it was your welcome drink and it accidentally fell on her clothes rather than her face. She says more trouble is coming. Juhi calls Rajnandini and asks about Jeevika’s insult in the office. Rajnandini says no one knows Jeevika in the office and whoever knows her, she kicked them out. She says she didn’t let Satvik introduce her to everyone and kept Satvik and Shlok busy. Juhi says I wish to see Jeevika’s insult but I have more better work.

Manas tells Satvik that he will not go until he unites Jeevika and him. Satvik asks her to leave. Manas asks if the violin didn’t play. Satvik says no. Manas says pungi will be played when you see Jeevika laughing with someone. Satvik says why will he laugh with someone else. He says you are bothering me and asks him to go out. He says no one can sing my bags.

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