Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghu and Shiv’s ugly fight

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Surili apologizing to Veera and Ambitai. Ambitai asks him to take care. She says good things happen to good people. Surili goes. Ambitai says you have been saved, you are lucky to leave here soon. Mithi goes to Sam and says I heard that Surili is leaving the palace. Sam sees Surili and asks are you leaving, you can’t leave, I will talk to Maan and stop you. He is crying. Surili says it is my decision to leave house, it is right decision, I was not ready like this family, thanks for your love, we will catch up on video calls. He goes. Surili says it will be fine, its fine. Mithi thanks him. Ranimaa sees her husband’s picture and smiles. Samar takes a picture of his parents. He says I miss you mother, I will take them away from their mother. He gets the kalash and says you used to be so worried. He remembers his mother crying in pain.

He says they will lose everything, you suffered because of them, I promise you, they will suffer now, I will change their lives, I will take revenge on them. Surili thinks about her memories in the palace. Shiv calls the newspaper editor and scolds him. He says I will file a defamation case. Raghu comes and says someone is hostile towards us, they wrote nonsense about Swati. Shiv says I am trying to find out who did this, someone knows about us, reporter is not telling source, who can benefit from this. Raghu says Surili. Shiv asks her to think carefully before speaking. Raghu says you think it can’t be her mistake. They argue. Raghu blames Surili. Shiv asks do you have any proof against her, she wants our good.

Raghu says he spoiled my happiness. Shiv throws things and asks her to behave. Maan and Sam come. Raghu says Surili and you did this. Ranimaa hears them and comes to see. Shiv says Surili wanted to prepare for your marriage, she is happy for you. Raghu says it is a pretence. Sam runs to Ranimaa. Raghu says Swati thinks she is second choice, everyone says that. Maan stops Shiv and Raghu. He asks them to calm down. Shiv says I promise Raghu that I will take care of everything, focus on business. Raghu says don’t teach me, better teach your wife how to stay here. He pushes Shiv. Ranimaa asks them to stop. Shiv says you have lost your senses, go, I will take care of everything. Raghu breaks the plates in anger. Say sorry Maa. He says you forced me to do this, you can’t tolerate my happiness and success, you are jealous of me, you are the biggest problem of my life. Ambitai smiles. Raghu says your wife did this, we got to know, she sold the pictures for cheap publicity. Shiv slaps him. Raghu falls. Swati and her parents come. They watch.

Swati asks Raghu are you fine. Raghu sees them. He gets angry. Ranimaa stops them and says we are defamed, you both are fighting. Shiv says sorry, I shouldn’t have raised my hand on him. She says you are taking wrong decisions. Surili is coming. Swati asks are you enjoying making them fight and defaming us. Shiv says stop blaming Surili. Surili says sorry, I don’t know what I did. Shiv says its not your fault. She says I am sure I did something wrong, everyone is saying it, no one will have any problem here because of me. He says don’t worry, I will always be with you. She says I know, that’s why I came here, time to leave this palace. He asks what do you mean, where are you going. The maids take her luggage. Shiv says take the luggage back. Ranimaa says I want Surili to leave the palace. He says she is my wife, she will stay with me. He asks Surili why she lost in 2 days. Surili says Ranimaa is your mother and Sasumaa is mine, I am ready to lose if she wins, we don’t want to disturb anyone, right, Raghu and Swati are getting married, everyone is worried because of us, I didn’t want this. Shiv says I will take care of everything, don’t talk about leaving me and this palace. She says you will be with me, I am just leaving this palace, I lost my mother in my childhood, I didn’t learn to convince an angry mother, so I couldn’t end your anger, sorry Ranimaa, take care.

She goes to Madhu and says sorry, I won’t be able to keep my promise, Ranimaa loves Swati a lot, she will keep her happy. Madhu hugs her. Swati asks him to leave if her middle class drama ends. Surili says I would have given you a good answer if you were in Mumbai. argues Raghu. Surili says I will forgive Swati, I have a great marriage, congratulations again. Ranimaa says to keep the luggage in the car. Shiv says to pack my bags and keep them in the car. Ranimaa says Shiv. Shiv repeats his words. Surili says no Shiv. Shiv says you were right, it was my mistake, I asked you to win everyone’s hearts, there is nothing to gain and lose in a family, I am incomplete without you, I will be with you, leave. They hold hands. Ranimaa, Sam and Maan are crying.

Surili says I wish everything is fine between Shiv and Ranimaa. Raghu says Shiv slapped me. Samar says if this happened to me then I would have shot him.

Credit update to: Amena

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