Ajooni 15th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Ajooni is devastated after Rajveer’s death

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Scene 1
Amrit tells Bebe that you are not the owner, we own everything now. Shanky is the king here and you are all our servants. Bebe tries to slap her but Amrit grabs her hand and pushes her. Harman says you will pay for it. Tajendra says you are already paying. If you say a word against us, I will kill Ravindra. Shanky says they are useless now, their lion is dead and this Harvindar is useless. What should we do with his body? Shanky asks the elders to take him. Harman says I will not let you do it. Shanky says I will kill Harvindar if you resist. Shanky hits Harvindar and he faints. The goons drag Rajveer’s body from there and they all cry. Ravindra stands there and cannot move. Tajendra asks Shanky to kill Ajooni as well. He tells Ravindra that you made me stay in jail and broke my neck but now I have broken your family.

Ajooni tells Kaviri that she is worried about Rajveer. His friend comes there and cries.. Ajooni asks what happened? He says Shanky shot Rajveer. Ajooni faints hearing this. Kaviri rushed towards her.

Dolly tells Bebe that Rajveer came here to save us, he wanted to kill Shanky and when Shanky wanted to kill me, he came in the middle and got shot. Bebe says we did so much wrong with him and he was killed for us. It’s all over now. Amrit comes there and says its just the beginning, you value your honor too much but time has changed. I will enjoy the luxury of this house and you will do the housework now. Bebe says I will die but I will not serve you. Shanky takes out his knife and points at Ravindra, so Bebe stops him. Amrit says Ravindra taught Shanky to do justice, so he will do justice with me. Shanky says Aman can cook for us and Harvindar is useless but we can ask him to cut vegetables. He asks Amrit to give some work to Dolly. Amrit pushes Dolly and says you will clean the house from now on. Dolly is scared and leaves from there. Amrit says what about Bebe? He can massage my feet. Bebe says I will never do that. Shanky threatens to kill Ravindra, so Bebe starts massaging his feet and tells him please don’t do anything to him. Ravindra is upset seeing all this. Amrit tells her that I will take revenge from everything. She leaves from there. Shanky takes Ravindra.

Ajooni wakes up and hears Rajveer calling her. She says where are you Rajveer? She cries for him and turns to see him sitting there. She asks if he is okay? don’t leave me again She asks him to talk, but sees him bleeding. Everything turns out to be her dream. She wakes up and cries for Rajveer. She asks her friend not to joke with her. Cry and say I’m not lying, it’s gone. Ajooni says she can’t leave me.

Tajendra tells Amrit that I threw Rajveer’s body in the river. Amrit says we have to take care of Ajooni, do something about her. Tajendra says we own everything now, we won. Amrit says I will not calm down till Ravindra begs me.

Kaviri consoles Ajooni and says Rajveer gave his life for Ravindra’s family, you have to do his job now. Ajooni says Rajveer gave his life to save his family, so I will complete it. I will kill Shanky.

PRECAP – Shanky and Tajendra are in a bar. They are drunk and Shanky says we should make Ajooni dance for us. Ajooni comes there and points a gun at him, she says I will do anything to take revenge on Rajveer. She is about to shoot him but Rajveer comes there and stops her.

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