Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th June 2023 Episode Written Update: Gazal asks Haider to love her like Dua

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Hina consoles Gazal but says she is worried about Haider but he is blind in Dua’s love. She doesn’t care about him and how could she make him eat so much spice? I will die, but please save my Haider. Hina says stop, you have to fight for your love. Dua only gives him pain, so you have to give him happiness, you should clean his wounds. You should make him realize that you are the right person for him, you try to bring Haider close to you and I will take care of Dua. She leave. Gazal sees Ajaz calling and gets worried. She takes the call and pleads Ruhaan but Ajaz says it is in my control again. He is unconscious now. Gazal says how did he free Ruhaan? Ajaz says I will kill him. Gazal says we need him alive, he is important for us, so keep him alive. He ends the call.

Haider pins Dua against the wall and is about to kiss her but Gazal comes there and is shocked to see this. Haider you say? What are you doing here? Gazal rushes to Dua and shouts how dare you come near my husband? shameless woman. Haider rejects her and says she is my wife. Gazal says she is still causing you pain so stay away from her, she is just using you. I know girls like her, they use men’s vulnerabilities to keep them trapped. She tells Dua that fools are better than you. Haider shouts quite differently.. Gazal says you will beat me? Today I will not be silent. You have exceeded all limits. She pulls him out of there.

Gazal brings Haider to Hina, all family members come there. Gazal says I am crying for his love and he loves Dua. I am your wife and it is your duty to love me. Tadi asks what is happening now? Gazal says Dua has ruined my life, she is taking away my Haider from me. Gulnaz says what did he do? Gazal tells them how he saw them up close. Hina says she is so shameless. Gazal hugs her and cries, she says Dua is making a drama of hating him and enjoying his closeness behind the door. Hina says she is so fake, she hates him in front of others but loves him behind doors, she is so shameless. Dua thinks I shouldn’t have been weak with Haider. Dadi tells Hina that they don’t talk like that even in red light zones, you are so shameless Hina. This gazal destroyed this house. Hina says don’t you see what Dua is doing? Dadi says they are married so what is wrong? Gazal says this is injustice for me. Dadi shouts at her to stop, she is his first and she has her right to spend time with him. Gazal says I am his wife too but he never gives me time. My husband gives all his love to Dua and I keep crying. Gulnaz says they are shameless to talk like that in front of everyone. Gazal says I am right Haider too, she tries to drag Haider to her room but he stops her and says do you have any shame left? you don’t even care about the family here. Gazal says wow you want to shame me but you can do injustice openly? I want my rights, so come with me. Haider says I am not going anywhere with you, you are so shameless and going crazy. Gazal says I want my right. Gulnaz says this girl is so shameless. Gazal says I am asking for my wife’s right. Dadi says you can’t force him as he can’t force you for anything. Gazal says both wives should have equal rights, this is not justice for me. She says you all are silent because you don’t care. She tells Haider to do justice with her and do the same thing he was doing with Dua. Haider says enough.. love cannot be forced on someone. We got married on certain terms, but I can’t give you more. If you try to take away Dua’s rights, I will take everything away from you. Gazal says wow.. are you going against religion? you have to give me equal rights but you want me to shut up and let dua enjoy everything? You will pay for it on the day you die and I will not forgive you then. Haider says I pity you but I love only Dua. He starts to take Dua from there but she stops him. She says I don’t agree with this, you lost all rights over me when you married Gazal. I did not consent to this. As Dadi said, you can’t force anything on me.

The episode ends

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