Ajooni 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ajooni breaks Shanky and Tajendra’s partnership

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Scene 1
Family talk and Dolly says that Rajveer and Ajooni are breaking their partnership. Harvindar says they are not stupid, we cannot separate them easily. Ajooni says he is right, we have to prove Rajveer’s innocence. Rajveer says we have to find the title deeds too. We will make everything right, so don’t worry. Rajveer says they have to pay for their sins, I will not spare them.

Amrit tells Tajendra that I can’t believe that Shanky would go against us. Tajendra says I sent Kaviri back to her village and I will kill Shanky if she goes against me. Amrit says what happened to Shanky? we have to find out.

Ajooni comes to the kitchen and sees the servant making food for Shanky. Ajooni says I will take her to his room. Amrit sees this and thinks if he is up to something?

Shanky is drunk and says I did the right thing by saying no to Amrit and Tajendra. Ajooni brings him food and says I cooked all this. Shanky is happy and starts eating but says can I feed you? he says sure. She starts making him eat food and says it’s delicious. She pours him a drink and mixes sleeping pills in it. He gives it to Shanky and makes him drink it too. Get dizzy and say it’s beautiful. Amrit sees them sitting together. Ajooni says you did the right thing not to sign the papers but if they find the papers? Shanky says I have hidden the papers. Ajooni asks where? Shanky says I can’t tell you, I won’t tell anyone. Ajooni says I am just a servant so don’t tell me, its fine. Amrit thinks he is playing a good game. Shanky tries to hug her and says you are not a servant. Ajooni says I m widow. Shanky says I will marry you. Ajooni says you are not even telling me where the title deeds are. Shanky says you… I hid them in the storage cupboard. Dizziness and fainting. Ajooni thinks she has to go there. She leave. Amrit comes there and beats Shanky, she says you are so useless, you told everything to Ajooni. We have to go there and get the papers.

Rajveer tells Tajendra that your son should not have opposed you. Tajendra says he is not listening to me. Rajveer says I have an idea, what if Shanky kicks you out of the house to lure Ajooni? you have to do something. Where are the title deeds? Tajendra says Shanky hid them but I know where they are. Rajveer says you should steal those papers and then Shanky can’t prove anything. Tajendra says you are right.

Ajooni comes to warehouse but Amrit comes there with Shanky and says you came here to steal the title deeds right? She says no. Shanky says don’t hurt her. Tajendra and Rajveer come there. Tajendra has title deeds and everyone is shocked to see this. He asks what are they doing here? Ajooni tells Shanky that we knew they would try to steal the title deeds, that’s why we came here. Shanky says my own father is against me. Tajendra says you started all this for this girl. Shanky says you tried to steal my papers, remember I did all this alone. You were a useless man in front of Ravindra, I took the risk and shot Ravindra Singh Bagga. I did all the work and you want your share? he tries to snatch the property papers from her but Amrit catches them. She shouts at them to stop and says I will keep this paper. She asks Tajendra to stop, he leaves from there. Shanky thanks Ajooni and says you are my favorite now, she leaves with Rajveer. Amrit is angry and thinks Tajendra and Shanky are going against each other, I have to do something.

PRECAP – Amrit announces to the family that he will marry Shanky with Ajooni. Everyone is shocked. Shanky taunts Ravindra that he is also invited, but Ravindra grabs him by the throat. Ajooni is surprised to see him move his hand.

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