Main Hoon Aparajita June 21, 2023 Written Episode Update: Aparajita runs away with Mohini’s dead body

Main Hoon Aparajita 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The police bring Aparajita to the room where Mohini’s body is. She thinks they can’t find Mohini’s body. The flashback shows how Kabir left the house and called Chhavi. Aparajita told Niya that she wanted to talk to her, but the inspector said they couldn’t talk alone anymore. Aparajita says you can’t insult us like that. Manish says they did something with Mohini. Inspector says we have to search the house, asks Aparajita to come with her. The flashback ends. Aparajita thinks she has to save her children. The inspector approaches the closet. Disha and Asha are scared. Asha cries so inspector says their fear says they know what happened to Mohini. She asks Asha to get up. Niya says she is already scared. The inspector asks her to be quiet, I don’t like to be interrupted. Manish asks Niya to leave, she leaves reluctantly. They start dragging Asha away from Disha. Aparajita cries seeing all this. He rushes to Asha and says what are you doing? she’s already scared, please don’t do this to her. Manish says don’t listen to them. You should ask Asha. Aparajita says you can ask me anything. Inspector asks what happened to Mohini and where is she? Mohini is also my friend and she sent a voice note to Manish that Aparajita has made a plan against her and might try to kill her. Aparajita says Mohini didn’t send this.. she couldn’t. Does she think if I make all this up? Manish says now he will ask inspector? The inspector tells Aparajita that if anything happens to Mohini, then I will jail you for life. She says now I will ask her daughters. She asks Aparajita to stay in the corridor. Asha cries and says I don’t want to go. She drags Asha and Disha from there.

Scene 2
The inspector brings Asha into the drawing room. Asha is unconscious so the doctor checks her, tells the inspector you can’t question her as she is not well. Inspector says I will wait then. They wait for some time and the doctor says he can ask Asha but he will stay with them. The inspector is sitting with Asha. I drag Disha and Arjun from there. Inspector grabs Asha and asks what happened to Mohini? we will torture your mother if you don’t tell us. Asha says I will tell you, please don’t do anything with Aparajita. Asha brings them into a room and points to the cupboard. Everyone look. The inspector opens the cupboard, but there is nothing inside. Asha and Disha are confused.

Aparajita leaves with Mohini’s body in the car. The flashback shows how the officer left, so Chhavi went to her with Kabir’s letter saying that a murder cannot be declared until they find a body, I am sure you are innocent and that Inspector Devi is involved with Manish, so he put it on the case. He will talk to his superiors tomorrow so she has to hide Mohini’s body till tomorrow somehow. Then Aparajita went silently into the room and dragged his body away.

Devi comes to her officer and shouts that Aparajita ran away and you didn’t see? he ran away, so that means he committed a crime. She tells Niya that Mohini disappeared because of Aparajita. Niya says why are you saying this? why would he say that? Devi asks Asha where is Mohini? you said he’s here in this office, where did he go? Asha says I was behind this cabinet, Mohini locked me here. Then Devi says who took you out? She asks him to tell her everything. Asha cries.

Chhavi comes to Aparajita and sits in the car. Aparajita asks her to leave but Chhavi says I can’t leave you. Aparajita says I am mother so I have to get involved in all this, we have to hide Mohini’s body for today. Please stay away from this. Chhavi says I am your daughter and will stay with you in this too. Aparajita looked.

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