Ajooni 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrit forces Ajooni to marry Shanky

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Scene 1
Ajooni is worried but Rajveer comes there and asks if she is fine? she says sorry, could not get title deeds. He says its fine, plays Shanky’s clip where he says he shot Ravindra. He says we will use this when we get the title deeds, thanks for supporting me. Ajooni says I will always do it. She hugs him but Amrit knocks on the door so Rajveer hides behind the door. Amrit comes there and says I know you went to steal the title deeds. She says it’s not like that. Amrit says don’t fool me, I did the same with Ravindra’s father, I lured him like you lured Shanky, but I will fail in your plan. She leaves from there.

In the morning, Amrit wakes up Shanky and says are you misbehaving with me for that Ajooni? he says sorry Amrit says you are fighting with your family for property? I have one last wish. Shanky says just tell me. She tells him the idea and he hugs her.

All family members work in the house. Harman asks where is Rajveer? Dolly says she went out with Tajendra. Amrit and Shanky come there with fruits and shopping. Amrit tells the family that I have good news for all of you, I will marry Shanky with Ajooni. Everyone is shocked. Ajooni says I will not do this marriage. Amrit says I am not asking you, he will accept you, so go with the flow. Rajveer is dead so forget him. Ajooni says I will never marry him, she can never take Rajveer’s place. Shanky grabs her hand and says you will do as I say. Harvindar says to let go of his hand but Shanky pushes him. Harman slaps him hard so Shanky points a gun at him. Amrit says I will punish her now. She breaks the vase and asks Harman to go to pieces, everyone is shocked. Harman says I will not. Shanky says I will kill Ravindra, but Harman says please no, I will go. She starts walking on the glass pieces and Ajooni cries seeing this. Ravindra is upset. Shanky asks Dolly to support his mother, to go with her. Dolly cries and starts walking on the tracks too. Shanky asks Ajooni whether she will marry him or not? I am the owner of this house. He asks Ravindra not to look at him as he can’t do anything. He tells Ajooni to say yes and he will have fun. She tells Ravindra that I will be happy with her. Ravindra gets angry and grabs his neck, everyone is surprised. Ravindra strangles him, Harvindar says to kill him. Amrit calls the goons and they hit Ravindra but he doesn’t leave Shanky. Amrit shoots in air and says if you don’t leave him I will kill Harman. Ravindra leaves Shanky and coughs. Shanky says we should beat him, his boys beat Ravindra as they all cry. Ajooni begs her to stop. Amrit says yes when you marry Shanky. Ajooni cries and looks at Ravindra.. she agrees to marry Shanky. Ravindra is hurt hearing this. Ajooni takes Ravindra from there.

Tajendra meets the dealers. Dolly calls Rajveer and asks him to come home quickly, she tells him everything. He ends the call. Tajendra comes there and says we should go back home. Rajveer tells him that Shanky will marry Ajooni, he will run away with all the property, and his wife will have a share.

PRECAP – Amrit forces Ajooni to marry Shanky. She forcefully makes her sit in the mandap, but welfare women come there, they try to stop the wedding, but Amrit also threatens them.

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