Josh Segarra talks about Lance and Brooke’s “Strong Magnetic Pull”.

(Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for The other two Season 3 Episode 9 “Cary Pays Off Her Student Loans.”

Could Brooke (Helen Yorke) and Lance (Josh Segarra) find their way back together on The other two? It won’t be easy.

After all, in the last episode, she breaks into his apartment, determined to prove that she hired a PR team to land him the cover of People magazine, ends up wearing prosthetics and hiding when his extended family stops by and set fire in his building in her attempt to escape without being seen. Lance is the hero who makes sure everyone gets out safely.

Here, Segarra talks about filming this episode and teases the June 29 finale.

What I love about Lance is that he’s such a good guy and such a sweet guy, and this episode really brings that out. We can see why he put his extended family group chat as his PR team. That makes sense to me for Lance.

Josh Segarra: (laugh) It’s a clever joke, right? I liked this. I enjoyed it when I read it.

Talk about filming this episode because we get comedy and sweetness from Lance, but then there’s also a little fire action.

It was a ball. First of all, I liked the idea of ​​you meeting me with the whole family. I talked to Aunt Connie on the phone. We see Brooke and Lance’s love for Aunt Connie, but now we meet Aunt Connie. You get to meet my cousins, you get to see some of my nieces and nephews and my aunts and uncles, and bringing it to life on screen has been such a fun experience because it makes me think of my own family. My own family is not far from that. I have a lot of uncles who raised me, a lot of aunts who raised me, a lot of really funny people in my life that I’m very grateful for and I love them very much to this day and they’re responsible for what I have to do today. So it was so much fun playing my family on screen.

Are you starting to play an action hero? Come on, you know that’s every teenager’s dream. I have to live Bruce Willis days. I have to live my life Harrison Ford days. So it was a lot of fun. And coming out of a burning building. And you also got to see Lance’s relationship with his neighbors, which I thought was really cool. You get to see him through a lens that you haven’t seen him on the show yet. We always see him interacting with Dubek or in that world, but now you see him as a voyeuristic eye, if you will, of what’s outside that orbit. And you realize that, yeah, he’s just a good guy. He’s just a good guy.

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And to greet all who ascend.

Yes of course. I love the whole sequence of him saying “What’s going on?” to all. It’s very funny.

Going back a little bit, talk about learning that Lance became a nurse during the pandemic, because it was a little surprising at first. Then I realized, wait, that makes total sense. And then everything we see from him this season…

Makes total sense, right? It’s so funny. I had no idea this was what they were going to do with him. I sent a message to Chris (Kelly) and Sarah (Schneider) before we started the season. I said, “Okay, me. So what’s up? What are we doing now? I know we’re picking up three years later in the pandemic, so what? Now we have another fashion line with Nike? Do we do this or…?” And they say, “No, man, it’s going to be a nurse.” And I was like, “Oh, okay, cool.” As he says on the show, he’s just good. He is born good. He is extremely loyal. He walks or dies. And what brings him the greatest joy is when he brings joy to others. So she followed her gut and became a nurse.

Even when he was doing fashion, I think his greatest joy was when he was making others feel like they were flying. As he says in Episode 1, Season 1, “People want to look like a million bucks, but now they can sound like a buck.” It is exciting for him to have a change in shoes. He wants to make you feel flown, so you know he makes the hospital feel good. (laugh) He’s rocking that blue sweater, he’s got the vest on. He brings some fashion to the hospital. He makes sure that everyone is very comfortable at the hospital. So I liked it.

Speaking of being a good person, he went to the play even with his work schedule and I like to just sit down to sleep. It was hilarious. Everyone in the audience for that song…

(laugh) That play episode is so good. What a brilliant episode of television that is right there.

We’ve seen how Brooke has been doing since the breakup, which is clearly not good. And while we see from her perspective how Lance’s career took off with the cover of People magazine, what was he like in person? How do you think they are dealing emotionally with this breakup?

I think it’s hard for him. I think there is something very strong between Brooke and Lance. When you approach any character, you always want to make the strongest choice, the clearest choice. So for me, the clearest and most distinct choice I can make for Lance is that he’s madly in love with Brooke. That kept them together for 10 years. That’s why they always come back to each other, right? There is a magnet between the two.

So I have to imagine that they broke up after such a hard fight that they had a place where they’re really honest with each other and he just wants someone to be there for him and I know he misses her and I’m sure his. heartbroken that he doesn’t have Brookie’s monster Cook Brooke as his partner. So I’m sure he struggles with that too. Because that makes it all the better if they ever get back together.

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I noticed on Timehop’s phone, it’s the photo of the proposal.

Yes, that’s exactly what it is. Look at yourself understanding the little details.

What would he do if he found Brooke in his apartment whenever she snuck out? Because there were quite a few times when I said, how can he not see her?

I’m sure he would have said, “Brooke, what the hell are you doing? What are you doing here?” I’d like to think they just had a very honest conversation, so they definitely broke down that barrier. So I’m sure they would have had a very honest reaction to each other.

I feel like he could have moved on and forgiven her if it was the other way around.

One hundred percent. That’s why I say I feel like he said, “What are you doing here? Oh, do you want to sit and talk? Do you want to get Chinese food? And do you discuss things?” I feel like he would definitely find a way to try and find the good in her. He would say, “It’s okay. You’re just trying to come back and see me again and you’re just trying. All is well. I’m sure you didn’t mean to bother me by calling.” He would have found a way to make it all positive.

But it feels like they need this time apart as much as it hurts them.

Oh, 100 percent, right? I feel like them. Sometimes you have to be apart to realize what you have, right? Sometimes you have to lose it to realize what you have.

Earlier in the season we saw Streeter (Ken Marino) recognize Pat (Molly Shannon) in prosthetics. Did Lance have any idea that Brooke was wearing prosthetics this episode?

(laugh) That’s a funny question. I’m sure he has no idea this is the monster Brookie in those braces. I’m sure she went to great lengths to make sure she looked like an old lady. So for the sake of comedy, I guess she doesn’t realize it’s her.

What can you tease about the finale and Brooke and Lance? Because the season trailer features a Brooke and Lance kiss in the rain that we haven’t seen yet…

I love the detective work there. I’ll say what I mentioned earlier: there is a very strong magnetic attraction between Brooke and Lance. And if I had to put money on it, I think the two will always come back to each other. I think they are. How could it not?

If there is a season 4, what do you want to explore with Lance?

First of all, I trust Chris and Sarah, so whatever I think, I’m sure they’ll think of something better. So I’m excited to see where they put Lance. But that being said, if you really ask me, I’d love to see where he and Brooke are at. We’ll see where they end up and then maybe he and Chase (Case Walker) follow that fashion line, but they do it for hospitals. Maybe they’ll come up with new uniforms for the nurses. (laugh) They are designing an entirely new nursing uniform. … I feel like Lance is going to develop Air Nurses, sneakers just for nurses and doctors. Air doctors, that’s what they’ll be called.

I think Lance needs to get Chase away from music because it’s clear that music isn’t going to happen for him.

Maybe this is it. Maybe Chase needs Lance in his life. They can go and figure out a different effort together. Before we actually started, when I auditioned, Lance was a book character who worked at Medieval Times. So who knows, maybe we bring it back where he decides to franchise some Medieval Times with Chase and then Chase can become a famous Medieval Times actor on a horse, become a medieval knight. That would be pretty fun.

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