Anupama 20 June 2023 Episode Written Update: Anupama’s Suggestion to Samar and Dimpy

Anupama 20th June 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Anupama takes Leela home. Maaya nervously thinks how to calm Anuj’s anger. He thinks of writing an apology card, preparing halwa or cake for her etc. Anuj returns home angrily. Maaya thinks that Anuj might have met Anupama and planned to get rid of her, so she has to do something. Dimpy tries to justify herself and tells Anupama that she doesn’t know what Leela told her. Anupama begins her 100 page speech. She says she knows the extent of Baa and even the extent of children; mistakes are made by everyone; the family functions smoothly when the elders give love to the children and the children respect the elders or else the family breaks down. She says elders should understand that it is an era of instant noodles, instant decisions, instant gratification and should speak reasonably to children; even the young should respect the elders. She says she knows Leela would have talked a lot and even the kids would have insulted her; they are from an age where they are taught that elders are gods and she will not tolerate her gods being disrespected etc.

She continues her moral speech and says this house belongs to Leela and she won’t leave here, Samar and Dimpy should move to a rented house nearby if they can’t respect elders, she doesn’t want daily problems at home and wants peace . . She continues her speech and says that Hasmukh and Leela built this house with their hard work, Leela works in the kitchen and takes care of the family even at this age, she took care of her children and then grandchildren and now she cannot be burdened with the responsibilities of the great-grandchildren. and needs a break, Samar and Dimpy are young and it’s their turn to work.

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