‘Ghost’ and ‘The Other Two’ Star Brandon Scott Jones on Balancing Comedy in Two Very Different Roles

When it comes to comedy, Brandon Scott Jones walks a fine line between absurd reality and ghosts and an absurd series but closer to real reality based on the industry The other two.

In his roles as Revolutionary War ghost Isaac and essential actor Curtis, Jones shows his talent for variation. With season 2 of ghosts by showing Isaac coming into himself a bit more – exploring a more serious relationship with his redheaded lover Nigel (John Hartman) and revisiting his past through powerful flashbacks – viewers got a better understanding of the character they’ve come to enjoy since the start of the show. As for Curtis, he’s also booking gigs and pursuing life, refusing to let Cary (Drew Tarver) drag him down. The other two Season 3.

Below, Jones opens up about balancing her roles and embracing her characters. In addition, he reveals dream guest stars, his activated status ghoststhe cliffhanger ending and more.

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When it comes to ghosts, Isaac always wears the same suit and around the same people. How do you keep it fresh?

Brandon Scott Jones: It’s so funny. Right at the beginning of the second season, when we came back, even though you feel like you’re picking up exactly where you left off because you’re in the exact same costume, you’re in the exact same location, you’re talking to the exact same people, it was kind of said : “How do I do this? What does he sound like?” But then you get into this rhythm with him. I think the thing that’s really fun for me when it comes to exploring him is looking at his past and seeing the person that he was. There were a few times we had flashbacks this season where we got a chance to see him with other contemporaries of his.

Obviously, our writers are brilliant and made this gift to explore something new with him. And so we came up with the idea of ​​changing his hairstyle because I thought this is the guy who spent his whole life wanting to fit in. This is a guy who couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t penetrate guys. club when he was alive.

At the end of the season, Isaac chooses to commit to Nigel by proposing to him. Is this a sign of growth?

Not quite, not exactly. I think he thinks he’s growing up, but he’s still trying to figure it out. It’s almost going too fast, you know? One of the things I imagined about his reluctance to commit to Nigel is “What if this goes south and then you and I are just crushed for eternity because we’re not going anywhere?” So that makes total sense. This season he kind of reconciled his relationship with his own wife when he was alive. And I think he felt he had some deficiencies in that. So I think he was also hesitant to get back into that kind of long-term relationship. But I think it almost forces growth.

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On that front, are you holding out hope for an Isaac-Nigel wedding in Season 3?

Yeah, I think there are a lot of fun things that come to mind when I think about it. What does his bachelor party look like? What do Isaac’s vows sound like? I think a ghost wedding could be really fun. And I think it could also be something really silly. It’s this big enormous ceremony that takes place that no one can see except for one person, so I think that could be really fun. I could imagine Isaac becoming a bit of a groomzilla.

He will put Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) responsible for executing his vision? We got to see more of their dynamic in season 2.

Yes, I could see that. I think I’ll end up being her personal assistant. My thought on Hetty and Isaac is always that Hetty has the most status in the house. She lets Isaac believe she believes her and he believes it, but he will always find a way to let himself down in front of her. So I could see her completely taking on the wedding planner role. One thing I felt was still there is that Hetty and Nigel have a bit of a rivalry and so I wonder if that would come to a head as well as they haven’t quite worked out everything they should have. to do, which is centered around Isaac, who I think she secretly loves.

Do you know anything about Isaac’s story that follows? I know the writers’ strike has delayed things.

I was left hanging and then right before the writers strike, I got a little bit of information. I only got a piece of it, so I don’t know exactly where the story is going, but I’m excited to see (what happens).

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On the other side of comedy, you play on the industry stage with your role as Curtis The other two. It’s nice to balance the fantastical nature of ghosts with this series that is probably closer to reality that you recognize?

Yes. I relate to Curtis more than a Revolutionary War ghost, obviously. The easiest way to describe it is that Curtis is me drunk and Isaac is my hangover. And while I think Curtis has less inhibitions than I do, Isaac has more inhibitions than I do. I’m somewhere in between the two. It’s nice to explore both sides. With Curtis, it’s fun to be someone who maybe has healthier boundaries and foundations for relationships. Even if they don’t go well, I think he can handle it. While I think Isaac is fun for me to delve a little deeper into my neuroses and play the overthinker that maybe even if he’s acting impulsively, it’s almost never right.

I definitely identify with both sides of those characters, but I think it’s fun to play that variation. It was nice to shoot both seasons at the same time. I would do a few weeks at ghostsand then on my off weeks, I would fly to New York and shoot The other two. So it was kind of a little palette cleanser.

Drew Tarver guest starred ghosts. Any chance we’ll see any of you? ghosts costars on The other two? Has anyone submitted an offer?

God, I would love to. Everyone was very nice at both shows. They have all been so kind to each other that they are only highly complimented. I think someone ghosts would be totally willing to do an episode of The other two. And I think anyone The other two would be willing to do an episode of ghosts. It would be a fun little crossover because it was so special to have Drew there. It was like a month or two before we started The other twoand it was great to have my friend in Montreal, Canada. And wildly while this was happening, Josh Segarra was there filming Scream. And so there was a point, all three of us went to Montreal together.

ghosts he had some excellent co-stars alongside Drew. Is anyone on your list?

My idols are Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Laurie Metcalf and Whoopi Goldberg. I would die if any of them came to Woodstone Mansion to play by themselves or not. It would just be a dream. They are my favorites. They just inspired me in so many ways. To be honest with you, maybe he shouldn’t come. I would get so nervous that I would get nervous just thinking about it. What would I do if I walked into the makeup set or trailer and saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

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