Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ram and Priya’s Unique Mehendi

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Yuvraj seeing Priya. Priya asks Anju to calm down, Yuvraj is a guest, he won’t do anything. She says I warned him, everything is under control, I was thinking to go to clinic, I will get simple mehendi design. Anju asks are you my daughter, you changed in hospital, mehendi artist came to apply mehendi, go and get it. The ram is coming. Shard teases him. Priya says you look good in this kurta, and impress your in-laws. Shalini asks him to come after mehendi shagun. Priya sits down. Priya’s hand burns near the candle. Everyone worries about her. Ram says we will go to doctor. Priya says no, I am fine. Ram cares for her. Shalini smiles. Priya says don’t worry, its fine. Shalini asks Sandeep to see Ram’s worries for Priya. Shreya says rasam will be cancelled, her hand got burnt, how will we apply shagun mehendi. Anju says other hand is fine, she can put mehendi on it. Prakash says we will go home, mehendi rasam will not happen today. Everyone gets up to leave.

Ram says mehendi will be applied today. Everyone stops. Ram says mehendi is applied on both hands, one on Priya’s hand and the other on Ram’s hand. Shalini smiles. He is staying with Priya. Everyone is smiling. Bade acche… play…

Ram and Priya put their hands forward. Shalini says yes, Ram and Priya are one, their hands and hearts meet, it is also auspicious. Ram says make any design but make the design of my true love in a corner. Kriti smiles. Shalini says she is already with you. Ram says true love, can’t live without pizza. Everyone laughs. Shalini says make a pizza on hand. Ram says delicious. Everyone applauds. Mehendi hai rachne wali… play… Everyone dance. Shreya says we will have a party, drink alcohol, not everyone can handle it. She tells Kriti her plan. Yuvraj hears this and thinks that Ram and Priya’s relationship will break today. Priya makes coffee for Sandeep. She hugs him. He says marriage is a lifetime decision, I trust your choice, Ram is cute, we don’t know much about Ram. She says I knew Yuvraj well and he left me, we can’t take anyone’s guarantee, we don’t know Ram, I am sure he will never hurt me. He thanks her. Everyone is planning the bachelor party. Aleka says we know the reality of Ram’s marriage, let them do anything, we will support Ram. The shard says well. She says I can’t come to party, I have to go to an event, you be with Ram, be there with him. He says very intelligently. Yuvraj says I will make Ram happy. Ram says no, I can’t party, I am exhausted. Everyone convinces him. Ritika says Ram and his cousins ​​are having a bachelor party. Priya says I feel Ram is crazy, it is a fake marriage and he is partying. Ritika teases her. Priya says I feel bad and feel sorry for girls who dance in such parties. Ritika says you are so boring. Kriti asks if this plan will work. Shreya says yes, just be with me.

Sandeep complains to Priya about Ram. He says I will not let Priya marry Ram.

Credit update to: Amena

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