Shiv Shakti 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sati is born

Shiv Shakti 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all the stones turn into boys whoever is killed by Indra Dev. Mata tells Shiv that she lost a son and he gave her many sons. Shiv says the boys will go with him and says she has lost her right as a mother as she wanted to give birth to them for her selfishness. He says the boys will go with me and asks them to come. He tells Indra Dev that now he can bring the rain and gives all the powers to the boys whom Indra used to call Marut. Inder gets angry. Mata asks Vajrang to do something. Vajrang approaches Shiv and tells him that he has done the right justice and tells him that he wants to worship him. Shiv holds his hand on his head and blesses him. Then he starts walking away with the boys. Narad says now he knows why Shiv is the Aaradhya of our Aaradhya. He says he has done justice to Deeti from whom he snatched his sons, Indra Dev will always be in fear and Vajrang got power that even Devs can’t get and Marut became Shiv’s companion and left with him . The boys hold Shiv’s hand. Shiv says I am with all of you, no need to hold my hand. The little boy was extending his hand to Shiv. Shiv picks him up and makes him sit on his shoulder and starts walking. Lakshmi says Shiv will take care of the kids himself. Narayan says Shiv’s enemy is conspiring to get a companion. Shiv takes the boys to kailash. The boys ask where we will stay as there is no roof or walls. Shiv says we have a big roof, sky. She sees Narad there and asks him if he wants to ask him something. Narad asks if he doesn’t think someone will be with him like Lakshmi is with Narayan and Saraswati is with Brahma dev. The kids say yes. Shiv imagines Shakti beside him. He says after marriage, wife will be given good life, but what I have, ashes instead of shringar and this mountain. Narad says whoever gets you will get everything. He asks him to believe that Devi will massage his feet and bathe the children and feed them food. Shiv asks him not to speak all this, being a brahmachari himself. He says love is tapasya and tyaag.

Daksh still prays to Devi Adi Shakti. Devi Shakti appears in front of Daksh and tells him that she is happy with his tapasya. Daksh says he wants her to be born as her daughter. Shakti tells her that she is Shiv’s shakti and tells her that she complements Shiv, he is male and I am his better half. She asks him if he agrees to accept this then only she will be born from him. Daksh agrees and asks him to take birth as a human so that he can give fatherly love. Shakti says she will be born as a human and will not remember anything. She says that she will never forget that she got this boon because of his tapasya. She asks him to remember that if he ever insults her or her existence, then she will die and then such an upheaval will happen that she can never imagine.

Later, the boys ask Narad about Shiv sitting with one leg down. Narad says he balances the earth with one leg. Daksh is informed by Dasi that Prasuti is in labor. Daksh says not Shiv’s Shakti but my daughter will be born. Shakti gives him darshan. Prasuti gives birth to Shakti as Shiv keeps his other foot on the ground to balance the earth. Daksh and his daughters are happy to know that the baby is born. All devis and devta rejoice and fold their hands. Daksh enters the room. Prasuti says that she has the light of truth on her face. Daksh gives her name to Sati. Shiv opens his eyes and says sati. Daksh asks his daughter Aditi to invite all the Devtas to see Sati except Shiv. Shiv puts ashes on the boys. He sees Narayan, Lakshmi and Narad there. Shiv asks did they come here for this purpose. Narad says no. Narayan says Adi Shakti is born and asks her to come and see her. Shiv says Daksh considers me his enemy and he didn’t get any invitation to see her. He says he won’t go. Lakshmi says you will get the invitation soon. Narad asks him to take the decision and tells him that Sati’s soul will call him. Daksh asks Aditi to welcome the guests and make them sit. Prasuti asks if I will ask something. Daksh asks what he wants to ask. She says we will leave enmity and call Shiv. He asks her not to think about it and tells her that she is born to destroy Shiv and tells her that she will not know Shiv now.

The boys ask Shiv to come and see Sati. Sati touches the peacock feather and it flies and comes to Shiv. Shiv says Sati…invitation and purpose, both have come. He says they are coming. Baby Sati is smiling. The boys and the Aghors are happy. They go to see Sati.

People see Shiv’s chariot coming and says that Shiv forgives and does not hold enmity. Narayan, Lakshmi and other gods and goddess bless Sati. Daksh closes the main door before Shiv can enter the palace. The boys knocked on the door. Sati starts crying. Daksh tries to pacify Sati. Prasuti takes Sati from there. The boy asks how we will see Sati now. Shiv touches the peacock feather.

Prasuti takes Sati to her cradle, but she is still crying. She asks the sevikas to take care of Sati and leaves from there. Sevika says they will go and bring toys for her. Shiv comes there and the sevika and sevaks freeze at the same place. Shiv is in his child avatar and touches little Sati’s hand. The souls of Shiv and Shakti look at each other. Prasuti comes to Daksh and says she called Vaid ji to check on Sati. Sati holds her finger and then leaves the finger. Shiv is teary eyed and his tear falls on her palm. Daksh and Prasuti come there and see the child calm. Sati holds Rudraksh in her hand. Daksh finds him and asks who gave this? Prasuti says that the guest would have given this. He says no one gave this and asks if anyone came here. Sevika says no one came here. Daksh says he doesn’t want unwanted guests or gifts and throws the Rudraksh. Rudraksh flies and falls on Shiv’s hand. Shiv and Sati smile.

Shiv’s Message: Shiv says this Rudraksh is the symbol of my inner feeling and says my happy tears become rudraksh and not sad tears. He says that everyone will forget the sorrows and think only of the happy times.

Precap: Little Sati sees Shivling and asks Daksh. Daksh tells her that Shiv is her father’s enemy and he has done wrong with them. Sati says he is my enemy too. He later comes to Shiv to confront him.

Update credit to: H Hasan

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