‘Based on a True Story’ Stars Break Down Final Twists and Share Hopes for a Possible Season 2

(Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Based on a true story Season 1.)

Peacock’s new series Based on a true story takes the true crime genre and turns it on its head in this dramatic thriller starring Kaley Cuoco, Chris Messina and Tom Bateman.

If you haven’t tuned into the series yet, we suggest you turn back now because we’re about to dive into some season-breaking spoilers.

For those who enjoyed the series, you would know that married couple Ava (Cuoco) and Nathan (Messina) tried to blackmail their plumber Matt (Bateman) into doing a podcast with them after he discovered that he was a wanted serial killer Agreeing to the effort, the season sees them make up episodes and their lives become more and more tangled.

Kaley Cuoco, Tom Bateman and Chris Messina in 'Based on a True Story'

(Credit: Elizabeth Morris/PEACOCK)

When their secret arrangement is discovered by Ruby (Priscilla Quintana), Ava and Nathan’s friend, Matt kills her and leaves her body in a newly purchased house Nate and Ava secure from the coast. Forced to clean up the mess, they rush to their regular home when they think Ava’s sister Tory (Liana Liberato) might be in danger, only to find that a surprise party for them has been thrown by friends, including Matt, which is present. .

Finally, once they’re away from the party, Ava and Nathan dump Ruby’s body on the country club’s tennis court; they think they are in the clear. They aren’t, though, as Ruby’s husband Simon (Aaron Staton) takes it upon himself to clean up the blood in their new beach house, leaving viewers to wonder what’s next? Also, in the last few seconds, the secret relationships between Matt and Tory, which the viewers were not even aware of, were revealed.

While we wait for news about a possible second season, the cast shares their thoughts and feelings about the twists and turns in the series. First, with Bateman’s take on what Matt actually agreed to be on Nathan and Ava’s podcast to begin with. “Matt’s in the box; he has no moves to play when they say, “we know it’s you, we have proof, and if we die, he’ll send an email and you’ll go straight to jail.”

“What really interested me in the show was the loneliness of these three main characters,” says Bateman. “It unifies them and makes them a team and gives them a kind of identity and a bond that they lack elsewhere.” And that’s something Cuoco and Messina echo in the video interview above, where they share reactions to the final twists and share hopes for what’s to come in the series. Also, hear more from Bateman about Matt’s secret with Tory.

Stay tuned for any potential news about the future of the show, and let us know what you think of the season finale below.

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