Fans React to Triple Stumper from “The Lord’s Prayer”.

fans react to triple stumper from “the lord’s prayer”.

(Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the June 13 episode of Danger!)

In the June 13 episode of Danger!, five-day champion Suresh Krishnan had to defend his $53,999 total in earnings against nonprofit fundraiser Laura Blyler Scanland and graduate student Joe Siebert. But as the game went on, people started to notice all the triple knocks going on throughout, especially one that involved the Lord’s Prayer.

As the game began, the host Mayim Bialik began reading the clue “Matthew 6:9 says, ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, (this) be thy name,'” leaving all three contestants baffled with “holy.” This caused an uproar on Twitter, with users asking the contestants questions. “That’s ‘holy,’ heathens!” 🙃😉 #Jeopardy,” wrote one user on Twitter. Others went on to say: “Gosh, these #Jeopardy contestants can’t solve clues about The Lord’s Prayer, Big Daddy and Elizabeth Taylor – I give up 🤷🏻‍♀️.”

Entering Double Jeopardy, Krishnan had $5,000, Laura $200, and Joe $3,200. Joe eagerly got the Daily Double, which he knew he blew before he got the hint. His score was reduced by $1,000. Krishnan quickly added to his score this round when suddenly Laura hit the next Daily Double, which she also botched, dropping the score to $600. Krishnan dominated most of the match, the only triple stumper of the round being in the Stand-Up Comedy category.

Entering Final Jeopardy, Krishnan had $11,800, Laura $600, and Joe $7,200. In the Actors category, “Starred in the 2 films whose soundtracks were the 2 best-selling albums of 1978.” Although Laura answered John Travolta correctly, she couldn’t bet Krishnan, who ended the game with his $14,401 win for a six-day total of $96,595.

After the game, people continued to say that the answer to the Final Jeopardy question was also easy. Check out all the reactions to today’s game below.

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